How Will the Project Progress and What Happens Should We Need to Modify the Design?

Having a clear picture of the project stages from the moment you commission your stand design through to delivery or set up at your exhibition or event is the sign you are dealing with a professional exhibition stand contractor. A company able to talk you through each and every step is a company you can trust. Understanding any last minute tweaks that may be needed, and being able to clearly communicate what is possible and whether this is at any extra cost to the initial quote is the mark of a professional.

You need to make sure you are completely happy that you are dealing with a contractor you can work with and most importantly you can 100% trust to deliver for you. As further proof we are such a company we even wrote a guide book (click on the image below to go to it’s download page) on exhibiting at trade shows and events for less experienced businesses to share our in-depth knowledge and help you achieve great ROI (return on investment) from your marketing.

Exhibition and Trade Show Blueprint

What Happens Once You Have Manufactured Our Exhibition Stand?

Some display contractors will complete your stand and then deliver it to you ready for use. Maybe this is exactly what you require, but then again maybe you’d prefer a company that delivered and installed your stand at your event. How about a company that also then offers to remove and store your stand for future shows and events? Make sure you speak and decide exactly what is needed for your business.

The advantage we have being an in-house design, manufacturer and install agent is the fact when can easily accommodate the safe storage and delivery of your stand from our storage to your shows and events. We can even offer a concierge service for other sundries you may need, simply send these to us in advance and we can take and incorporate these in the exhibition stand set-up for you, leaving you to just turn up and focus on winning that business!

Hopefully you have found these 5 questions useful and thought provoking. We are always happy to talk further, and we also welcome any suggestions for future articles that could help your business when it comes to exhibition stands!

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