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Why travel insurance is the first thing to pack when travelling abroad

You have waited for several days for this particular moment to come when you pack your bags and fly far-far away to your favourite holiday destination.  You have made all the arrangements, and everything is finalized. However, you forgot to pack in one of the essential items with you- a travel insurance policy. You are wondering why a travel insurance policy is so necessary for your abroad trips. To begin with, it gives you the peace of mind you need while holidaying abroad. Even you are travelling with an open mind and are all optimistic about the trip- things tend to go haywire. Imagine what would happen if you lost your checked-in baggage or even worse, lose your passport somewhere? At this problematic moment, a travel insurance policy acts as a saviour for you. It comes to your rescue when things fall apart and is worth every penny you pay!

Here are a few more reasons that will convince you why you should have a travel insurance policy before flying abroad-

Saves from unforeseen medical expenses

Being sick and lonely in an unknown country can be intimidating. The change in weather condition and jet lag can make you feel sick. Incurring the costs of a medical emergency that you did not account in the final budget for your trip can be stressful. Medical treatment in a foreign country can be quite expensive. This is where a travel insurance policy comes to your rescue as it offers cashless hospitalization facility. Some plans even provide services like medical evacuation and accidental bodily injury while on a trip.

A friend in an unfamiliar territory

Get assisted in your preferred language (Hindi or English) when you face any untoward situation abroad. A travel insurance policy offers 24X7 customer support so that you can get assisted anytime without any constraints. No matter where you are travelling to, with a travel insurance policy by your side, rest assured to get immediate assistance in case of any medical or travel-related emergency. The claim process is hassle-free as you just need to inform the customer care and it coordinates with the local authorities directly to provide you with a solution.

Coverage for personal liability

As human beings, we tend to make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can put us in a problematic situation. While holidaying abroad, if you inflicted damage to a third party (person or property), you will have to take care of the expenses incurred. A travel insurance policy offers a feature called ‘Personal Liability’ wherein your insurer covers the costs for third-party damages.

Travel-related emergencies

When you travel, many things are out of your control. Flights can be delayed due to which you can miss your connecting flight, and much more. Suppose you are at the airport waiting for your luggage to come, but you realize that it got misplaced or stolen. How will you react? A mishap can completely ruin your trip. Not just that, it even costs hefty on your pockets. If you have a valid travel insurance plan at that point, your losses and expenses will be reimbursed, which also means that you won’t lose your money unnecessarily.

Mandatory requirement

It is necessary to have a travel insurance plan if you are planning to visit a few countries like- Paris, Denmark, France, etc. Even your visa applications can get rejected if you don’t have valid travel insurance documents with you. Therefore, you should ensure whether or not the country you are visiting has made travel insurance plan a pre-requisite for travellers.

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