Why Jhalawar Is The Name Of Palace On Wheels Train Coach?

We know that the Palace on Wheels luxuriousness and royalty with its amenities and world-class facilities. Rajasthan Government idea to promote Rajasthan’s tourism through the luxury train and its implement in the form of Palace on Wheels is a great success and gained popularity to the Palace on Wheels. Apart from the train luxurious amenities, the name of the coaches is a different idea by the Palace on Wheels.

The Palace on Wheels train coaches is named after the different famous touristic and historic places in Rajasthan. This idea of the Palace on Wheels is a great move to promote Rajasthan’s tourism.

Let’s know in detail why Palace on Wheels interested to name a coach as Jhalawar.

Why Jhalawar was named as the coach of Palace on Wheels?

Once Jhalawar was the residence for the Jhalas tribes. It’s a very powerful kingdom at the times of Rajputs. Jhalas tribes are very powerful and brave Rajputs and the kingdom was established in 1838 AD. The environmental attractions, greenery, architect temples, and many historical forts and monuments etc made Jhalawar as a great tourist attraction in Rajasthan.

Let’s have the touristic attractions of Jhalawar:

The main attraction of the Jhalawar is its natural beauty. Naturally, Jhalawar is a wonderful attraction in Rajasthan with thick forests, exotic wildlife, beautiful gardens, lovely orchards, a lot attract visitor’s attention towards them. The most attractive thing is numerous bird species in varied colorful attractions. Everything made Jhalawar as a beautiful natural destination in Rajasthan clan.

Historically, Jhalawar is also a great kingdom. The kingdom’s greatness and royal history can see through many historic forts, monuments, temples, Buddhist caves, etc. The list of the top historical attractions in Jhalawar is Jhalawar Fort, Bhawani Natyashala, Gagron Fort, Sun temple, Chandrabhaga temple, Buddhist caves and Stupas etc.

All the historical attractions of Jhalawar speaks to us through many attractions like exquisite paintings in Jhalawar Fort, architectural styles of Mughals and Rajputs etc a lot attracts tourists heart. However, there is a lot to see in Jhalawar to get aware of Jhalas greatness.

At last, Jhalawar is home for rich varied cultural and traditional attractions. The famous fests and fairs of Jhalawar are Kaleshwar Mahadev Fair, Rang Panchmi, Annath Chaturthi, etc. Apart from all these, Ganguar Festival is the most important festival which is a great platform in Jhalawar to experience its rich heritage cultural attractions.

Know more about the Palace on Wheels price and all the things and attractions of Jhalawar made Palace on Wheels to opt the Jhalawar as the coach name for the train. The coach will reflect the natural beauty and royalty of Jhalawar through its designs and architecture. To promote Jhalawar’s touristic attractions, Jhalawar coach in Palace on Wheels is decorated with ceilings resembles locals homes of Jhalawar, mirror work, and colorful play of shades etc reflects the touristic attractions of Jhalawar.

However, the idea of the booking of Palace on Wheels train to promote the tourism of Rajasthan through their coaches is a great success.

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