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The circles of human resource based in the corporate corridors are buzzing with the sound of a hot-topic that has gathered descent momentum in the last few years, strategic human resource management. If an interested person were to venture into a bookstore and go to the business section, they would find books aplenty on the topic. But since not everybody has the luxury of time to read a book, we took the liberty to ask the question What exactly is Strategic Human Resource Management & how does it vary from the conventional function human capital management?

Finding a place on the curriculum of the best HR certifications speaks volumes of the subjects’ importance. Strategic HR management has shed its old tendency of being concerned with merely operational perspectives. There used to be a very thin line between people-values and core business principles.

Just as the teachers of the top HR certifications state, the coming together of strategic goals with human resource initiatives in trying to achieve greater success for theenterprise is what SHRM is all about. In addition to it, the purpose also caters to the necessities of an organizational culture to gain a competitive advantage. It’s all about bringing in talent management to acquire a greater role in building lasting protocols for the company as a whole.

Human capital management has beenthe backbone of the company, only in the fundamental sense but not in reality.It has shied away from assuming more responsibility in the boardroom. Diagnosing the problem HR certifications have started to offer the solution of assimilating anunderstanding of the subject through their training. In the process, they have also paved a crystal clear way for aspiring individuals to take thesupport of such on-the-job skills.

Not far but almost a decade back, if a professional were to be in a human resource department, the only way to rise in career was to first get adegree from an accredited institution and then toil throughyears gaining experience. Not anymore! With the times and trends changing constantly, there has risen a non-avoidable urgency on people to keep their skills updated. With ample amount of certifications on the table, folks now have the choice to cherry-pick.

Talent Management Institute being an emerging name in the field of certifications makes it a point to equip candidates with the best in class credentials. With programs that include partnerships with one of the world’s best-known schools, Wharton, it has stamped its authority when it comes to matters of trust and potential. Probably the most diversified array of skills, its credentials can be opted for by people coming from all walks of life, such as undergraduates, mid-career employees, senior/executive level Managers as well as other leaders. To know more, simply head on to the dedicated section of the website

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