When Your Office Feels Like a Vacation 8 Amazing Office Tours

If you are planning to travel in a group or do a corporate tour, you have a wonderful opportunity to visit an office tour with your colleagues, bosses and all office mates. Let’s explore awesome office trips in India.

We will board on an excursion of the top 10 best places for a corporate visit in India.

Radisson Blu Temple Bay, Mamallapuram

Just pamper your soul and relish a corporate tour than a 5-Star Hotel Radisson Blu, enjoying the substantial amount of luxuries in the tranquil marine side city of Mamallapuram. And, this city is amongst the world-class resorts proximate to Chennai where you can travel your squad anytime on behalf of your offices. Now have a great fun play session with buddies in the immaculate infinity pool or involve in also enjoy pleasurable team exercises at the Pranayam Wellness Center. Instead, coddle in a deep-sea slanting or just go for golfing in the little golf course.

Nandi Hills: Discovery Village

This stunning destination Nandi Hills is just situated around 350 KMs away from Chennai. Here one can spend a quality corporate vacation and also get breathtaking scenes of these hills that completely fetch the board while hiking through them. Get an opportunity to participate in various fun group activities such as Zorbing and Paintballing. Also, take shower your inner spirit with pleasure through doing Yoga and explore this bold side by Cave soundings and survival camping out. Choose some of amazing with Oyo Coupons applicable to bring great pricing on your tour next time.


This is the next beautiful corporate tourist place that takes your group to a mesmerizing destination where you can enjoy a vacation that is fully overloaded with fun activities. All office members can visit the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary that gives you an opportunity to discover the views of different animal species such as elephants, langurs, peacocks, and various sporadic species. There are some of the most prominent temples which are a worth visit to treasure the design and workmanship.


Another incredible destination provides plenty of choices for multiple team activities and funs. The magnificent place is a seamless adventure spot for corporate group tours due to the numerous harpooning, hiking, and bird watching offers are presented. Although the coracle outings, camping spots, and thus onward make the excursion more and more thrilling. The fabulous destination is just around 150 km far from Bangalore.

Ross and Smith Island Beach

The charming exquisiteness of the Ross and Smith island beach makes your office outing too amazing and this place has a natural ridge that is crossing point of the twin deserted islets. As this spot is one of the relaxed seashores in Andaman that makes a flawless trip for your corporate comrades. The Ross and Smith Island seashore is a smart travel spot to boost the pontoon rides on the pristine blue water touched with emerald. Your companions can also take part in different fun activities which include sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

Bakkhali: The Sea Lovers Getaway

Bakkhali is adjoining to Sundarban, Bakkhali, and this is World Legacy Site that is a quiet weekend destination for sea lovers, as well as this place is an immaculate corporate adventures destination for getaways. Completely detached from the appeal of the urban life, this spot allows you to enjoy the pleasant-sounding of the stirring rollers. In addition, you can partake in numerous fun activities on the seashore; your squad can explore various tourist spots such as the windmills of Frasergunj together with the crocodile proliferation spot.

Samsing: A Countryside Shaded With Green and Orange

This is a magnificent corporate spot that is an unmatched and picture-perfect nation angle in Darjeeling setting of West Bengal that is Samsing and the place 82 km far from Siliguri. The middle-elevation rolling hills of this exquisite city are enclosed with sumptuous green tea estates along with bushy woodlands are habited by miniature native creatures and birdies. The city is sprinkled with fabulous orange homesteads that rejoice the grandeur of its scenic view flawlessly.

Corporate Picnic at Wada

Now you can experience an exquisite corporate tour with ecstatic day visit with your squad at a site that is adjacent to Mumbai. The campsite is geared up in the center of kingdom surroundings that has been intentionally designed which heightens the countryside feel of the experience. You will get a perfect natural attraction of all picturesque scenes. If you are willing to get some opportunities as an Air Ticketing Jobs then can subscribe us to get best details regularly.

Botanix Nature Resort

Your amazing team excursions destination in Gurgaon that promises with even more exhilarating activities the place offers. Visit an impeccable destination on the way to a Botanix Nature Resort. This place is settled by the fascinating Aravalli Hills and the sizzling Damdama Stream, this adventurous team getaway spot is loaded with wide-ranging exhilarating activities for the corporate teams such as Camel Rides, Nature walks, Zorbing, Burma Bridge, Hot Air Ballooning, and lots more.

Gulmarg, Kashmir

Gulmarg is a harbor for exploit aficionados. This place is well-known as “Meadow of Flowers”, this is one of the most elegant corporate tours that captivates everyone with its banquet of exquisite blooms, contrary to ice-covered foothills as settings. The diverse squad adventure activities provided at this enthralling spot are Gondola outings, trekking, and skiing. It’s a pleasant destination for having many fun-filled activities in this corporate tour.

Travel to these mesmerizing corporate tours all over India now.

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