What to Look for in a Private Cardiologist

When it comes to your heart and any medical issues that arise, or sudden symptoms you are worried about, waiting for an NHS appointment can seem like an incredibly long time to wait, especially when you are no doubt already in a state of worry. While the NHS is a respected institution around the world it is clear that with the increasing pressure from all sides it is often struggling to offer the standard of one to one care that we would all like.

So, if you are worried about any aspect of your heart health – no matter how big or small the issue – it is natural to want to see a consultant who is not only an expert in the field of cardiology but who can see you as soon as you wish. If you have never thought about visiting a cardiologist in London at a private clinic here are some points which may help sway your decision.

Get Treatment Quicker

When there is a problem with the workings of the heart, time is of the essence. It can be worrying not knowing or understanding how the problem can affect you and what medicine or other treatment is best for you. Even worse is the (often long) wait to see an NHS consultant which can take anything up to 18 weeks for non-emergency referrals. By arranging a consultation with a private cardiologist in London you can get treatment faster, with no waiting and at a time which suits you.

Whereas the NHS is often slow when it comes to arranging tests which may have to be carried out in a different place from where the cardiology department is based when you visit a private cardiology clinic any tests you need are usually offered straightaway and all in one place.

Guaranteed to See a Specialist in Your Condition

Heart disease or malfunction can take many different forms and the health of your heart function is dictated by a number of factors including family history, high blood pressure or high cholesterol readings to name just a few. Your condition could be relatively straightforward and simple to treat, or it could be more complex needing multi-layered treatment. The field of cardiology comprises specialists in the different types of heart problems. From the very start of the investigation of your problem through to your treatment and aftercare, you have the reassurance of being in the care of practitioners who have extensive expertise in all aspects of cardiovascular medicine. This means that you can get a highly personalised service which you often can’t get from the NHS.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff to Put You at Your Ease

When you visit a private cardiologist for the first time it can be a little daunting – frightening even – if you are worried about your condition. However private clinics are staffed by people who are experienced in putting nervous patients at their ease. From the initial meeting at the reception desk on the first appointment, through meetings with imaging specialists when necessary right up to discussing treatment options with a consultant, you can be assured that all will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism. All your dealings with a private cardiologist in London will be based on complete transparency.

Private cardiology staff is very used to calming nervous patients and moreover, they have all the time in the world to answer any questions you may have no matter how many times you ask them. This is very different from the experience often reported in NHS cardiology clinics where staff and consultants are under extreme pressure to deal with as many patients as possible whilst working under impossible time and resource constraints.

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