Corporate Digital Signage for Your Educational Institute

Do You Want to Set Up Corporate Digital Signage for Your Educational Institute? Read This…

Digital signage has made a huge difference in most organizations including learning institutions. Time wasted cannot be recovered. Instead of going around the institution making announcements or giving out flyers, why don’t you use digital signage to pass information in the fastest and easiest way possible?

With multiple advertising screens placed in strategic places in the institution, both the students and the staff can get information much more easily. This can be for educational purposes and also for safety purposes as emergency alerts can be shared.

Digital signage has changed the way communication is handled in educational institutes. It has made it possible for faculties to have an easy way of reaching the students and the staff instantly with relevant up to date information conveniently. It has software that have an eye-catching display which incorporates videos and moving images that enable everyone around to a have a glance at it.

For educational purposes, different general topics are precisely taught and highlighted. Also, links can be provided to students where they can go and search for further information and for the staff, an immediate call for assembly or change of programme can be announced and reach many in a short time.

 6 important benefits of digital signage in educational institutes

  • Helps to pass important and urgent information to the students and the staff at large. Information reaches the audience quickly and effectively.
  • Helps in highlighting students’ performance and also showcase their talents
  • In the classrooms, it facilitates learning as educational programmes can be broadcasted or lectures can be given remotely
  • Through the advertisements, it helps to bring in additional revenue driven as bookstores and cafes are promoted.
  • It highlights students’ achievements and scores
  • Helps in cutting cut costs – Before the introduction of digital signage, advertisement was done through print media and this was very expensive.
  • It brings image improvement – This happens where a visitor is drawn by eye-catching images of students and their achievements, hence showing the visitor how good the institution is.
  • It improves safety – The digital displays can be used to caution students against engaging in certain activities that may be harmful to them in various ways. The displays can also be used to give the students and staff instructions in case of an incident such as a fire.

Guidelines for creating appropriate digital signal content for an educational institution

Before installation of the corporate digital signage in your educational institute, it is advisable for you to have the right content for your students, staff and visitors.

Below are some of the guidelines that will help you have the best content and deliver the required information.

  • Have a professional proofread and correct the content.

Before broadcasting the content, have a professional read through it and make any necessary corrections. This will ensure that you share accurate information that is free of spelling mistakes.

  • Make it simple and clear.

Simplicity always works in everyone’s favor – the content should be simple, clear, to the point and it should cover all areas. Make good use of colors, writing fonts and styles to ensure the content is eye-catching and legible from afar.

  • Have rotation of content

To avoid students getting used to the same pictures, images, and ideas, you can have the content redone every so often. Repetition of the same content can cause people to get bored.

  • Use different types of content

Don’t just use text on your digital displays; you can add flavor to it by inserting graphics which are enticing to the viewer and are relevant to the message you are trying to convey. Videos and moving images are very effective as they bring an interesting touch to the content.

  • Have clear calls to action as part of the content

At the end of the content, you can provide contacts or ways in which one can be helped in case of any problems. This will help the students know who is able to solve what and where one can be helped.

  • Share social media pages

This has become one of the fastest ways of communication and it is able to reach many students worldwide. Most institutions today have social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and through the digital signage, students, staff and visitors to the institution can be directed to the pages for more information.


Information is power, digital signage being the latest technology needs to be embraced with a lot of care and transparency. Have your institution fitted with these gadgets and experience a new touch of information. Bring the difference and experience the change that comes with it in your institution.


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