Use of Plaster of Paris in Building Construction in Punjab

Inline image 1Building construction in India, particularly Punjab has seen great growth since the internet has come on the scene. The builders have better communication that helps them deal with the pressures of the construction industry quickly and effectively. One of the most important building construction material is plaster of Paris.

Composition of plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris has gypsum as its main component. It is a building material that is a hemihydrate of calcium sulphate. It forms a paste when mixed with water and hardens to become a solid mass. This makes it ideal for casting moulds and figures that one may use for landscaping. You can use it for plastering work also.

When you want this material for your construction order it from the plaster of Paris manufacturers in Punjab who will offer good rates. It is better to order fresh stock since they will perform better in construction.

Specifications for Plaster of Paris

When one orders the material, one must make sure that they adhere to industry standards. It must have a setting time of 15-20 minutes. The whiteness must be 70-80% and the residue must be 2-4%. Preferably, choose that are ISI and ISO certification so you know you are getting quality material from a standard company. The tensile strength must be minimum 6.0 kg/cm.

The Plaster of Paris find use in many applications on the building site. For instance, people use it for plastering their false ceilings. This material is made by calcining high quality gypsum. You can also make decorative patterns and plaster boards.

Use of gypsum plaster

Gypsum plaster is a material used in construction that we can apply directly to the bare, brick walls. You can also finish columns, hollow concrete blocks, R.C.C. ceilings, and more. The technical specification for this is as follows. It has a setting time of 25-30 minutes. The bulk density is 1020 kg/m2 and the colour of the finished surface is super white. The compressive strength of the 60-70 kg/cm2 and it gives a coverage of 20 square feet for 13 mm thickness.

When you buy this from the gypsum plaster suppliers & exporters in Punjab make sure they supply material that has these properties. This is to make sure that the finished structure has adequate strength and will serve its purpose well. You have superior quality assurance for both plaster of Paris and gypsum plaster. Both give a good line and maintain level well and do not need water curing. Since you apply directly, you save more time when you use gypsum plaster.

Working with gypsum plaster

Gypsum is light in weight and is a favourite with construction workers. It gives fire and heat protection and a high value of impact resistance. This is chalk like material which is applied in layers on levelled strips. We do the finishing with steel trowels to ensure that we get a smooth finish. When you need a smoother finish, you can use sandpaper on the finished surface.

It gives an even surface when it sets if you finish it properly. The material is labour-friendly and does not crack when it sets. They remain chemically inert to paint.

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