Understand How Your Products Appear On Google

Shoppers usually turn to Google to search for the item that they want to buy and will suit them best. And most of the companies and many digital agencies nyc rely on Google Manufacturer Center to ensure that their products are represented well.

In fact, more than 5000 brands rely upon this Manufacturer Center to improve their presence on Google. This New Year Google is making these interactions even better by introducing new ways to show high-quality and inspirational content to shoppers, and a robust analytics to help you understand even better how your customers are viewing your products on Google.

A new place to promote your products:

Buyers are constantly searching for inspiration to buy new products. In a study conducted by Google, it was found that people end up buying from an unknown brand when they considered the brand useful and safe. To help the brands in assisting their customers and highlighting their products’ unique features, Google is launching a new section on Shopping product detail pages, featuring content directly from the company.

Due to this the companies will be able to:

  • Populate their product pages on the Google Shopping property with inspirational and high quality content.
  • Highlight the product features and capabilities that they know their shoppers care about the most.

A better insightful analytics:

To help the company make better business decisions, Google has also launched new and improved analytics in Manufacturer Center that will provide a better understanding of how ads for the products are performing on Google. Companies will learn how ads for their products appear, so that they can make better pricing, digital ad investment, and media decisions.

Manufacturer Center availability expands:

In 2018, Google expanded Manufacturer Center availability from seven countries to 24 countries. Now, if the companies sell products in these countries, they can better represent their products to shoppers, improve the performance of Shopping ads featuring their products, and access these new, more helpful analytics which are also used by many boutique digital agency.

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