Udaipur trip with Palace on Wheels Rajasthan

Udaipur is a beautiful city with ancient architectural marvels. They are set in the backdrop of the picturesque Aravalli Hills. Many lakes and tranquil waters flow through this city that is famously called City of Lakes – Udaipur.

This city was founded by Maharana Udai Singh, and hence the name. Audi Personal Lease there was a holy man meditating on top of the high rock in Udaipur. It is said that the King Udai was on a hunting trip when the sage told him if he builds a city, it would prosper.

True to the story, there are several historic structures that have stood strong through many centuries, dynasties, Vauxhall Business Lease and wars too. Each monument in this city has an interesting history about the bygone era.

Here are some of the top destinations to visit in Udaipur.

City Palace: This is the largest royal palace structure in the entire state of Rajasthan. The interesting story mentioned earlier is about this palace founded by Maharajah Udai Singh.

Fateh Sagar Lake: Maharana Fateh Singh constructed this artificial lake that gets waters from Lake Pichola through a canal. It is so large there are 3 islands on it of which one is a ‘boat-shaped’ restaurant.

Lake Palace: Maharana Jagat Singh built this place over the Lake Pichola as a summer resort home for the royal family.

Saheliyon ki Bari: Built mainly for the royal maidens, this water garden has many fountains, lotus pool,  & flower beds over lawns.

Jag Mandir: Founded and named after Maharana Jagat Singh, Emperor Jehangir’s son rested here.

The Palace on Wheels chugs through the desert terrain of Rajasthan that has cities with historical architectural wonders. This pioneer of Indian luxury train travel takes guests in a smooth way providing luxurious comforts too.

Guests who would like to admire these marvelous monuments in luxury like the Maharajahs of the bygone era. The carriages showcase  royal – styled interiors with comfortable facilities and regal  hospitality by service staff & crew. These are only a few of the reasons to visit Udaipur with the Palace on Wheels.

Friendly staff in traditional wear serve guests from the welcome ceremony till the happy goodbye. There is wall – to- wall carpeting, portraits with themes of dynasties and rulers, and on-board services so guests do not feel insufficient for anything – meals and snacks, alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, guided off-board sightseeing tours, washrooms with all necessary Palace on Wheels facilities, etc. There are various cabins to choose from with various occupancies and twin bed/ queen-size bed options &Wi-Fi Internet, intercom, and LCD TV to play satellite channels. There is a large window that offers a panoramic view of the outside.  Each carriage has an attendant around the clock.

The Palace on Wheels has common areas to unwind like Bar & Lounge where guests can play a board game /read a book with your morning tea, or catch up with friends in the guest saloon. The two lavish dining cars offer delectable cuisine with seating by the window side.

These tours through Rajasthan and surrounding regions lets guests see the mesmerizing destinations of the state. In history kings and rulers moved around in the personal coaches after which the Nizams, Viceroys, and other foreign dignitaries during the British Raj went places in these specially done up coaches.

Palace on Wheels continues to deliver world class services to guests in royal ambiance in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India for the past 30 years. One of the finest luxury trains in the world attracts travelers with unique appeal  while it chugs along to destinations in Udaipur and continues to delight guests.

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