Tulle And Fishnets: Making Socks An All Season Accessory

Wardrobe must-haves aren’t highly costly products that’d burn a hole in your pocket, these are staples that last you forever given that you have used them with proper care. Kerry Parker gives such premium quality staples which are hi-fashion and yet very pocket-friendly. Following fashion isn’t a waste of time, it’s an art to look more than just presentable. Every human has a different personality so why should it be restricted with the same type of clothing. Explore, discover and invest in yourself for yourself.


So as we all know, fashion has no limits. It displays culture, personality, emotions and attitude. It is one of the most dynamic industry. Where the strangest things can be known as innovation,infinite colour combinations are possible. Hence, we frequently mourn that the see-through trend hints at no blurring. Therefore, the sheer obsession has widened all the way down to feet. According to a survey by Pinterest, up to 72% are saves for “sheer socks.” Kendall Jenner at the Cannes Film Festival rocked the carpet by wearing the nude, high shine version with her outstanding GiambattistaValli Haute Couture gown which displayed the versatility of the sheer sock. Now days, market is flushed with tulle socks.

The purpose of these tulle socks are to be shown off with some amazing vintage heels, while some sheers features statement cuffs implied for jabbing out of boots or sneakers.

Luxury fashion brands like Fendi has offered a variety of tulle socks for this year’s Spring, some are sporty and some are logo-clad. On the other hand, Erderm’s socks have been more stunning and ideal for a delicate base due to the fancy embroidered pumps. The speciality about sheers is that they provide a seductive look to ankles due to which everyone’s attention is on your feet. Sheers, can be worn with different footwear, my favourite for this year however, remain the cocktail collection by Kerry Parker featuring some knockout vintage heels. As you can see, that it injects a generous dose of coolness with sophisticated pumps and refreshing the tradition.

If you are on a guest list of a high profile wedding this year, then these tulle and fishnet socks should most certainly be on your mind.


Now let’s talk about Fishnets, these are hosiery with an open diamond shaped knit and are regarded as a seductive garment.  It is being worn from the catwalks to street style, and it creates a huge buzz through socials as they are a great classic. They have been worn with almost every kind of apparel. With pants, with loafers, with jeans, with shorts, with sandals and with skirts.


In the end, I would like to conclude that the both Tulle and Fishnet socks are meant for different purposes. They are being regarded as one of the most sophisticated style entries this season. After all they both are been given a new image as tulle is mostly preferred for the wedding occasions but now it is being considered to be as the most stylish apparel. On the other hand, fishnetsocks have drawn a perception of providing a slutty feel but with the advancement in fashion, they are being worn as a normal stocking.

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