Train Information and Bookings Are Done Online

Booking train tickets has improved with the boosting of internet these days. One can get any information about any train if they log into the Railways website and can also find out the arrival and departure time and destinations of any train.

One can book a train ticket online and can also pay through net banking or debit cards and using mobile wallets. In fact, if there is an emergency situation, they can also cancel their tickets online. To track running train status, one can take help from the ten digits PNR number of the ticket which when entered in the website gives back the PNR status of the train which has almost all the information in it. It can also help one to find out whether a train is delayed or not.

Train tickets are mostly available 90 days before the date of the journey. Online bookings as well as counter bookings open at the same time. One needs to book as early as possible because the berths get filled really quickly. Also, if there is an emergency, cancellation of a train ticket is also easy. It can also be done online. Only one has to pay a minimum cancellation charge which completely depends on the gap between the date of cancellation and the date of journey. If the gap is more, the cancellation charge is lower and vice versa.

Indian Railways have also introduced a digital time table which shows the arrival and departure time of each and every train. It also shows, whether a train is running late or not. So, tracking a train online is also easier these days. There is a 10 digit PNR or Passenger Record Number given on the top left of the passenger’s ticket. By entering this number, one can get the PNR status which reveals every detail of the train like the departure and arrival timings, the train coach position etc. So, with the help of PNR status one can keep an online track of the train in which they are supposed to make a journey. As all these information’s are available by just a few clicks, it has become very easier for a passenger to avail a train.

There is also another way to keep track about the right position of the train coach. That is, one has  to ask about it in the information desk of the railway station. Everyone reaches station keeping a fair time in hand before the train departs. After entering the station, one should go straight to the help desk and give them the train number and then ask for the railway platform in which the train would be taking a halt or would be departing from.

For train food delivery, one can always rely on the e catering services that are available these days. They will take the order of the food and will deliver it to the passengers right on time at the right station. Even if the train is delayed the food will be served right on time.

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