cultural insights of South India

Tour of the cultural insights of South India

South India has a very different culture and traditions compared to the Northern Part of India. If you get a chance to visit India, it is always good to explore both the southern and northern part of the country to understand how diverse the culture is. In South India Kochi and Hyderabad are cities that have got very unique culture that can be considered for exploring the culture of South India.

Kochi and Its Cultural Significance

Kochi can offer a tourist with wide array of things to enjoy. Kochi being a metro city has a conglomeration of the culture. The culture of Kochi is also influenced by the colonization.

Kathakali Center

Kathakali center is one of the sites that does proudly stands with the heritage of the city. Kathakali is the art form of Kerala and it can be witnessed and enjoyed well from this city.

Cochin Carnival

Cochin carnival forms the major attraction to visit Kochi during the time of Christmas and New Year. It is the festival that is celebrated in the city with many events like beach bike race, football, volleyball and sea swimming. It started during the time of colonization.


Kochi has a very delightful cuisine that has more of the very light and delicious dishes. It is indeed one of the best menus one should try. The seafood varieties that one get to try in Kochi is also very incredible.

Culture of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is popularly called as the city if Nawabs. It is the place that has a rich history and culture. The city has so many temples, mosques and churches. There are many historic places, art forms and food also to enjoy in the city.


Hyderabad also known as Decanis cuisine. The zesty food of Hyderabad is the major part of its culture. The city is popular for hospitality and the amazing dishes. The famous food in Hyderabad is biryani, Mirchi ka Salan, Mughlai cuisine, Hyderbadi Biryani, Dampokhtak and etc.


The city celebrates navratri, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Ramzan and Dusshera in great pomp and show.

Here I tried to separate them, so an can know very well:

Muslim celebrates Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zuha, Shab-e-Qadr, Shab-e-Barat and Shab-e-Meraj.

Hindu festivals like Ugadi, Dussehra, Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, RamNavami, Bhaidooj, Akshaya Tritiya, Amavasya and Chaturdashi too were celebrated.

Christians celebrate Christmas, New Year, Good Friday and Easter and the Parsiscelebrate Navroz with great enthusiasm.

If you are in Hyderabad, it is possible that you will get a chance to be a part of any one of the following Festivals.


There are so many art centers to enjoy the major art forms of the city of Hyderabad. Some of the forms of arts are Golconda Music and Dance Festival, The Taramati Music Festival, The Premavathi Dance Festival.

Hyderabad and Kochi are the best cities that one should visit for knowing the culture of South India. The Chicago to Kochi flights and the San Francisco to Hyderabad flights can be booked in cheap price with BookOtrip LLC.

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