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Top 9 current Trends in Advertising and Promotion For Business

Entering in 2018 has brought a huge change in technological trends. With each second passing, we are witnessing newer technologies each day. Every trend that was surfing on top of the wave one year, suddenly see itself wiped out, bottom of the ocean while another one takes over the position of the prior. It is always exciting to see new trends take over as they open a door to a new untapped market that no one else saw potential in before.

From the introduction of VR to the good old promotional products, here are 9 trends that are sure to bring traction to your business.

⦁ Live video: The live video option present across multiple social media platform has allowed the viewers to witness the content as it is happening. This creates a content that is fresh and engaging.

The videos themselves seem more spontaneous and has redefined how live content was shared on the internet.

⦁ Chatbots: Using chatbots in a business will create a more expressive and query-resolving environment on your websites. Having these can assist you in resolving customer queries in a more dynamic and fast-paced way and in a business which runs at the speed of light, this can make a huge different!

The customers can be engaged quickly, and at the same time, doesn’t require an operator to help move it along.

⦁ Automated marketing: Automated marketing refers to automating the marketing process that requires the user to post repetitive content on multiple social platforms like mail, Facebook and other website actions.

This helps a lot as the multiple leads generated by the sales and marketing teams are needed to be engaged, quickly and efficiently. If your sales team feel overwhelmed in order to reach out to the leads, Automated marketing can sure help you in your business. It can also assist you in posting regular content on your social media page or website thus reducing the amount of work that is needed to be done by you and you can keep your attention on the important task at hand.

⦁ Marketing via audio/visual media: Text isn’t an effective marketing technique. No matter how engaging it is, it always falls short of engaging a crowd that is engaged by images and audio/visual media. Videos full of animation and exciting information about your brand will always a leave a lasting impact on your audience. Hence it is imperative to keep generating and posting content on social media and your website that reaches out and encaptures more audience than text ever could.

⦁ Schwag: Also known as promotional objects, these accessories are used to promote a brand or a business offline by distributing them in trade shows or giving them free along with your brand. These includes  personalized rubber bracelets, personalized pens, bottles, t-shirts and a lot many interesting things that can be used as a promotional item. While online marketing does takes over a huge part of marketing budget in today’s time, the potential of offline marketing cannot be undermined.

⦁ Social media: One of the biggest platform to engage new audience and to retain your brand’s image; social media marketing has been more than essential to cap. Marketing on social media sites requires both a plan and a well thought out budget. Using social media marketing you can also target the audience according to their geological position and age demographic and they will start receiving your ads.

Using social media you can also take queries, maintain a brand image for yourself and promote the release of new products of offers.

⦁ Influencers: The influential marketing is a recent term in marketing and a great way to diverge the traffic towards your brand or product. According to a recent study, 80% of the people on the internet are controlled by 20% of the certain individuals who change the public opinion according to what they post. These people are called Influencers and can shift the public opinion in any way they seem fit. Thus by letting your product be promoted by them can get you a huge public attention.

⦁ Virtual reality: Another great example of how technology find new doors to open in terms of promotion is considered. VR sets are known to provide an augmented reality experience to all its users. You can use them to promote your product by providing your customer an augmented experience of how to use your product or service thus make it easier for it to be used and thus generate fewer queries for your organization. You can also create promotional content on a VR platform. The possibilities are just endless.

⦁ Native Advertising: A pretty familiar way of promoting your website or product is Native marketing. To market your product or service natively, you can generate high quality content which somehow relates to your product or service. E.g. an apparel company can have a content created on their website regarding fashion trends which points to your own website or product. Writing multiple such blog posts can help your brand achieve recognition.

With that, these are the 9 promotional methods to market your business today.

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