Top 7 Types of Dhokla You Will Love to Have

If you are in India, you are basically in the land of a variety of foods. The eastern delicacy is completely different from the western. If you are at the coastline, you will get the abundance of coconut in every recipe; again if you are in Punjab, the butter will be the main ingredients of every food items. If you are in Gujarat, you will get delicious veg foods that will make you forget the non-veg ones. Have you tried dhokla ever? It is an authentic Gujarat delicacy, but today it is available outside the state. If you know the recipe, you can prepare it at home too.

But, for now, you can check out the different types of dhokla recipe in Marathi and other parts of India. Let’s find out the types and you should try each type-

  1. RavaDhokla

The main ingredients of this recipe arerava or semolina and curd. Usually, people have it at breakfast, but you can try it as evening snacks. This tastes amazing and also keeps you full for longer. Also, you don’t need to count calories as it is one of the tasty diet foods.

  1. Steamed Dhokla

As there is no oil is used here, this is really a healthy option for your breakfast. This is the traditional form of dhokla which tastes yummy. It takes only 25 minutes to prepare. Try this at home!

  1. KhamanDhokla

This is not amazing to taste, but the soft and spongy texture leaves amazing feeling on your palate. If you ferment gram flour, it will take 20 minutes to prepare. If you want to make something for lunch quickly, this is really an awesome dish.

  1. Rice Dhokla

Do you want to experiment with the ingredients of dhokla? Instead of using regular gram flour, you can try rice and semolina to prepare this amazing dish. It is a complete meal and will keep full for long. The nutrition value is high as it contains carbs and other vitamins. You can give it to your kids.

  1. KhattaDhokla

‘Khatta’ means sour. If you love a different layer of taste in your regular dhokla recipe, try this one. The sour taste adds variation to the usual dhokla recipe. The green chutney, served with it, is finger-licking good.

  1. Sandwich Dhokla

This is immensely popular in Gujarat. Basically, sandwich dhokla is the combination of ravadhokla and khamandhokla. Here, the pieces are adjoined with delectable chutney. When you taste the different layers of dhokla, it will give you a perfect combination of taste.

  1. IdadaDhokla

This is the non-fermented and non-fried version of common dhokla. People, who are suffering from acidity and want to have something light, this is the perfect food for them. It also takes lesser time in preparing than the regular ones.

These are certain amazing types of dhokla you can have while you are in Gujarat. Today, these are available in other parts of the country too. And you can prepare them at home also.

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