Tips To Make Fragrance Last Longer

Perfume and cologne have been part of people’s “get up”. A day will not be complete without spraying some scent in the body and clothes. The scent is part of making a good impression whether for the first time or not. Part of the preparation is not just what to wear but also what should be the scent of the day. Not just OOTD or outfit of the day, but also SOTD or scent of the day. FRAGRANCE 365 has a lot of scents to choose. While you are being creative with your outfit, you can also be creative with your scent because why not?

If you are preparing for your entire day, you will choose which outfit will keep up with you for the rest of the day. You will choose which will fit the occasion, you will also choose which scent is suitable and will also keep up with you the entire day. You can choose your scent of preference but also, you would have to properly apply perfume so that it will last long. You can also bring your cologne or perfume so you can re-spray it when necessary but at the same time, you want to avoid so that you can save your perfume for a long time and also what if there is no time to re-spray? Take these tips to make your fragrance last longer:

  1. Put your perfumes and colognes in the proper place. Do not confine your perfume and cologne collection in a box because it affects the quality of the scent. Put it in a cool dry place in an open area. Do not store them where sunlight is straight to the area. As much as possible avoid them to be heated.
  2. Before applying your perfume or cologne, put petroleum jelly or unscented lotions to the part where you will spray it. It will help your perfume or cologne hold for a longer time rather than not putting it. Apply it on your pulse points, back of the neck, collar bones, back of the ear, and shoulders.
  3. Do not rub the perfume. It is very common and usual for people to rub perfume after applying in the pulse points especially at the wrist. That is actually very wrong. Let your skin sip the scent of the perfume so it will last longer in your body. If you rub after application, it will create friction and that prevents the scent to last long.
  4. Apply perfume and cologne in your clothes and hair. Just a gentle reminder for this step, you have to be careful on this. It will make a huge difference if you apply perfume and cologne on your clothes and hair because it will last longer than not, but be mindful on this. There are fabrics that are not okay to be sprayed with chemicals. You do not want you to smell good but your attire is stained. Also, do not directly put perfume on your hair. What you should do instead is spray it in the air and walk through the mist that was left in the air.

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