Tips for Throwing a Well-Planned Housewarming Party

Throwing a housewarming party can be extremely exciting as well as tasking. You need to ensure all the planning goes well so that the final execution is in place and nothing goes out of control. These days, there are tons of videos and articles online that can help you however, find articles on cost cutting and effectiveness in party planning are difficult to come by.

So, here are a few ways to ensure that all your party planning goes smoothly without any slip ups –

Ballpark budget
Having a ballpark budget at hand is extremely crucial for any event planning even if it is a small birthday party or get together with the family. When you have a ballpark budget in place, you can easily plan your party tasks accordingly such as budget for the food, budget for the décor, music, desserts and so on. While having a ballpark budget is important, it is also important to remember that you can go slightly overboard with the budget around 10-20% above as long as it is reasonable, and you know that this item is an absolute must without which your party would be incomplete. For instance, if you have a platter of desserts from Kanha sweets Jaipur that you know for sure is your family’s favorite dessert, then by all means order it even if it is a little more expensive; you can cut the costs elsewhere!

Compact guest list
Try not to go overboard with inviting almost everyone you know for your housewarming party. Keep the circle small which will not only save costs for you but also prevent chaos and too many people talking over each other. You can discuss this with your partner or your parents as to who all need to be invited for sure and the ones that you can skip altogether. The best rule of thumb is to invite your best friends, your closest relatives and your new neighbors! This way, you can also get to know your neighbors which will help you feel less lonely in your new neighborhood.

Food and desserts
A lot of people prefer ordering the food and desserts from a local catering company because not only is this option time saving, it is also cost effective for the diverse menu options. You can order your favorite Kanha sweets Jaipur as well as the main customized cake from Cake World Jaipur, Rajasthan along with the caterers to complete the entire menu. Don’t forget to ask for discounts on bulk orders, every catering company has some level of discounts which they can provide to ensure you become a regular client for them.

Home décor
You don’t need to go over the top with the home décor. You can have some helium balloons in your house with some ribbons tied to them long with flower decorations and sparkles! This can be a complete DIY option where you can save a lot of money. Another good option is to shop for these items online because they are usually cheaper online! you can also Birthday Party Planners in Noida

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