Best Bedroom Dresser

Tips To Select The Best Bedroom Dresser

A dresser is an essential part of the bedroom. It is the storage piece which is used to keep your clothes, lingerie, woolen items and other things. A quality bedroom dresser is as important as a bed. It should go well with the interior and decoration of the bedroom. In order to pick the right bedroom dressers from the ocean of furniture available online, it is necessary to measure the space of your bedroom and analyze the storage needs. Decide which style will suit your bedroom. You can also do a little research to know what is required.

A mirror is an important part of the dresser. If you live in a small apartment, then mirrors can make a small space look bigger and wider. Mirrors add depth and beauty to the room. Therefore, a mirror is a must for the bedroom and also for your dresser.

Dressers are of different types. Depending upon the sizes, there are tall and short ones. They come with both doors and drawers. Take the suggestions from your family and friends to pick the piece. It is important to know better about the small signs that make a furniture better than the others. Choose the quality product which can last long. Online stores or showrooms contain wide options of high-quality furniture. Wait for the sale where you can easily grab your favorite bedroom dresser on discount. It surely gets easy with proper planning and right knowledge. Read out the mentioned tips to know better about picking the right kind of dresser.

Measure The Space

Measure the dimensions of your bedroom. Also, evaluate the space where the dresser and the mirror are to be kept. In many cases, the placement of dresser and mirror affects the functioning of door or window. Get proper details about the product to make it sure that the dresser will easily fit the space of your room. If the dresser comes with narrow hanging space, then choose deep drawers. Here, the clothes will not get wrinkled. If you already have a big closet then consider the small drawers of the dresser to store socks, lingerie, stockings or accessories.

Is It a Dresser Or An Armoire?

It is important to know what you are looking for. Dresser, armoire or chest are used to store clothes and different items but they are certainly different from each other. Have a look at the tips below to know about them better.

  • Bedroom Dresser- It is as high as the waist of a person. The width is more as compared to the breadth and length of the dresser. They come with six to nine drawers. Dressers have mirrors and are good for storing clothes, fabrics and accessories.
  • Chests- They are of chest height and the whole piece is divided into drawers. These are the best for small houses. They have a little less storage space as compared to the bedroom dresser.
  • Armoires- These have a good width and height. Armoires come with ample of space as compared to chests and dressers. If you have a lot of space in your bedroom then these are the best storage options.

The pick totally depends upon your taste and storage needs.

Which Style To Choose?

Consider the interior of the space where the dresser is going to be placed. The dressers are available in four styles.

  1. Traditional – The antique dressers have complex and detailed carvings. They are made up of wood and have an elegant look which suits the bedroom with the formal interior.
  2. Contemporary- The appearance that such dressers give is clean and light. They have light wood tones and ceramic or metallic knobs.
  3. Country-Side- They look rustic. The wood used in them are either painted white or kept natural. They also have simple carvings.

Material Used In The Dresser

Bedroom dressers are made up of composite wood, veneer or natural wood. Wood is the strongest material and therefore, it is preferred.

Choose the bedroom dresser that you like according to the above-mentioned tips. Ask the salesperson about the product details and return policies well in advance. If you want to buy it online, the shipping charges must be known. Remember it is that furniture which is going to be put in your bedroom so think before purchasing it.

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