Tips to Light Up Your Dark Bathroom

A bubble bath surrounded by scented candles and dim lighting sounds pretty relaxing, but outside of this relaxing ambiance, a dark bathroom is not all pleasant. Darkness can make a large bathroom feel small. Plus, limited lighting can make certain tasks, like shaving or applying mascara even dangerous. If you have a small bathroom without a source of natural light, you are on the right destination. We rounded some smart tips and tricks for you to brighten up the busiest room in any home. And with the right decoration and a little planning, you might forget that your bathroom was dark.

PAINT IT WHITE. If the walls are covered in light-absorbing dark paint or wallpaper, add a few coats of a cheerful color. You can go with white. But, there are also many tints of reds, yellows and blues that reflect light and make the space feel bigger, brighter and sunnier.

MIRRORS. To spread light throughout the space, add some reflective surfaces. You probably already have a mirror over your sink for some practical purposes. You can also add one on the opposite wall so you can see the back of your head. Consider adding one or two side mirrors too to make your small space seem even larger. The smart positioning of the mirrors does double duty. It will make your space feel bigger, by reflecting light from the pendants back into the room.

ADD A WINDOW. The best way to add natural light is to incorporate a window. To ensure privacy while allowing plentiful light to pass through your space, add plain or decorative film to the glass.

KEEP EVERYTHING BRIGHT AND LIGHT. If you don’t have have windows in your bathroom, an abundance of light materials, accessories and other decors will keep your space bright.

USE UNCONVENTIONAL LIGHT LOCATIONS. A beautiful and charming light will help lighten what otherwise would be a dark corner. If you can’t add natural light, add recessed lights in the ceiling of your shower. You can ask an electrician for a help.

FLOORING CHOICE. You probably think about having a plain white tiled floor. However, such floor may help with the bouncing of light around the room, but it can often contribute to making the room look flat and lacking depth. Your bathroom should be a space where you can relax, not a place where that will remind you on hospitals.

THINK ABOUT YOUR FEATURES. When decorating your bathroom, it is important to consider how they will affect the layout of your bathroom – including how the lighting will be affected. For instance, a shower cubicle can block out some light.

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