Few Tips to Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Energy Efficient

Usually, fridge is one of the power consuming appliances at home which may roughly account for 16 per cent of your energy bills. Therefore, it will be interesting to learn few tips to use your fridge in energy efficient manner so that you can save some amount in your monthly electricity bill.

Following tips can be used for any of the well-known brands like Haier and Godrej too.

  • Remember the 67 per cent full rule

Every time you open the door of your fridge both your fridge and freezer will try to use its energy to replace cold air that flows out of fridge. Therefore, if you keep your fridge full by 67 per cent then only 33 per cent or much lesser amount of air will leak out from the fridge. Particularly if your fridge is frequently opened in your household then this rule can be very effective.

  • Condenser coil must be cleaned two to three times in a year

This condenser coil is usually located either behind or below the fridge. This is responsible for keeping the air inside fridge cool. If this coil becomes dusty and gunk builds up around them and the air flow within the appliance may be affected. This will put more load on the compressor and force it to draw more current. By keeping the coil regularly clean, you can save at least 15 per cent of electricity.

Thus, it will certainly have better impact on your electricity bill. Also, cleaning of the condenser is not that difficult job to do. Either you have long brush or by using vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean the coils.

  • Maintain a better air flow within the fridge

If you crowd too much around the fridge or store lots of items on its top then fridge will have to work much harder to flow out hot air that gets created in order to produce cool air. This may also increase load on the fridge and hence keep the area around fridge clean and free from other items.

  • Check the frost built up regularly

If thick frost is created in the freezer unit then do not let it grow more than ¼ inch. It should be either cleaned or use the de freezer facility to melt the frost so that the freezer unit remains frost free.

  • Avoid keeping uncovered liquid in the fridge

Keeping the liquid uncovered will increase humidity in the freezer. This will put load on the compressor unit and also additional frost will be created. Both these can increase power intake and your energy bill may be inflated.

  • Take minimum time to put or take out the items from the fridge

Longer you take time to take out the items or put anything inside the fridge, it can result in wastage of electrical energy. Therefore, try to take minimum amount of time in these activities.

By following the above tips, you can save lots of energy in any kind of fridge from all top other brands that are available in the market.

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