Tips for Choosing Cloud Security Services

When you run a business online there are always some roadblocks that must be overcome. While you may be focused on generating more and more revenues, security becomes the biggest concern. Research on this aspect of running an online business has revealed that security challenges are now far more formidable than they used to be. Cybercriminals have access to highly sophisticated technologies and they can successfully outplay your IT teams’ best efforts at protecting confidential data. Moreover, keeping your in-house IT teams updated at all times with the latest security measures and technologies is not an easy task. Since there is a dearth of security experts worldwide, it is advisable to sign up for cloud security services.

Before you sign up with cloud security services you need to consider some important parameters:

  • Before you sign up with any security provider, you need to find what its obligations are for protecting client data. So, you need to know what responsibilities that you have to take up and which remain with the b provider. When you must adhere to some specific procedures it is advisable to teach your staff and then find out how far the provider can help.
  • You will also need to ask the cloud security services provider how you will be set up. Once the contract is signed, you should be able to log in and then configure the account. This fine-tuning which you need to do requires expertise and sufficient knowledge. So, it is important to ensure that the installation process is not cumbersome. There are providers who will guide you every step of the way and there are some who only offer online guides for you to follow.
  • You need to verify the kind of access your company will enjoy to logs. Since the servers are not going to be controlled by the internal staff any more, you need to find out what kind of input you can get from the host. You have to make sure that access to crucial data is not lost; so, it is important to negotiate the degree of log access before signing up.
  • While the data will be residing in remote data centres and not on-site, you should be able to own it and control it. This means you need a cloud security services provider which refrains from scanning client data or applications for advertising uses or any unapproved purpose.
  • It is equally important to be aware of where the servers and the data will be stored physically. For instance, the provider may either use hybrid cloud service model or may choose to handle client data on-site. While the cloud may be borderless data is always going to be places which may also have different privacy and security regulations. So, you must know the regulations for your own country as well as the country where this data is residing.
  • You will also have to review the SLA terms carefully when you sign up for cloud security services. During downtimes, services are not going to be available for users for certain time periods. So, you will obviously want downtimes to be negligible as far as possible. There are vendors which guarantee a 99.99% uptime and many providers even offer compensations for any downtimes caused. Outages are going to be costly and disruptive and businesses are likely to suffer losses when these are frequent. So, you need a partner which can guarantee you minimal downtimes.
  • The more know-how and expertise the provider has, the better your performance is going to be. So, you will only want the best security experts for your data. You have to look for cloud security services which are continuously working on improving their expertise. They must have the latest security certifications and access to update technologies to prevent breaches.

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