People choose places according to their needs and what they are looking for.

If you want a relaxing and soothing vacation for you and your family you will surely

Head towards Dubai. This place has become the main tourist spot in these years as

Population grows. Everyone gets crazy when it’s about Dubai holidays. There an elite kind of

A feeling when you go there.  It has uncountable places for you to enjoy with your friends

And family. These places are reachable and affordable. There are so many places which are widely visited. By the people just because they are family destinations and have different kinds of activity for all Age groups.

One of the the most widely visited place in Dubai is desert safari. This desert is not all all like an ordinary one. This desert has it own kind of beauty none like other. When we think of a desert we might think that less chances of survival, drought, less or no food and water. Desert safari is completely opposite. This desert is everything one could ask for.

What entertainment activities are there for you?

Desert safari has numerous activities for you and your kids

Camel Riding: this is is one the most enjoyable and a go to activity for many people. Camel riding will let you see the desert safari on a whole, giving an aria view what it’s actually looks like and what so special about it. The Arabian camel is tall and beautiful and is also accompanied by a guide for you to sit safely without fear. Camel ride is really what makes this desert a special one

Riding on bashing sand dunes: The most joyous activity for you. You will see the 4×4 giant vehicles in the desert for you to ride on. desert safari is all about riding on bashing sand dunes blowing the golden sand of the desert in the air.

Henna: arabianwomen will make cute designs and patches on your neck to legs or wherever on your body if you want. Henna is literally very beautiful when applied by these Arabian women.

Bonfire: in the evening, sitting beside a lit blazing bonfire near the campsite is all one could ask for. When sky is in extra pretty Colours and sun is setting and there is a bit dark. This view is just so breathtaking.

Belly dance: this is is one hell of a thing which will make you the happiest. The belly dancer are just so wonderful and expert dancing on Arabian songs and pro at gathering and attracting the crowd. They will cheer you and enlighten your mood. Desert safari is known for its belly dancers and the Arabian songs they dance on

Desert safari also provides you with the finest Arabian food for you to feast on.

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