Starting a debt consolidation business

Things You Need for Stepping Foot into the Debt Consolidation Business

Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of the market, businesses often need to look for assistance from debt consolidators. This is a common scenario during the times of financial hardship when businesses run out of funds and there is a huge burden due to outstanding loans.

Starting a debt consolidation company is an ideal business option if you want to help the businesses solve their debt issues. However, in order to start your own debt consolidation business, you will need to take care of a few things other than basic business skills. Take a look at some of the business requirements that come with operating in the debt consolidation industry:

Proficiency and Proper Knowledge of the Industry

 Prior to establishing your own company, it would be great if you are able to enroll yourself in a reputable debt consolidation agency. This will help you in learning about the important aspects of debt consolidation and repayment of debts. Apart from that, you will also understand the standard procedure when it comes to the consolidation and collection of debts. Apart from working with a debt consolidation agency, you can also opt for a membership in professional organizations such as IAPDA (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators). Not only you will obtain a great deal of knowledge, but you will also receive a certification in debt consolidation.

Licensing and Permits

 The permits and licensing part of debt consolidation business varies from state to state. There are a few states where you will not need to carry a license in order to start a debt consolidation business. Make sure that you talk with your legal consultant before setting up your firm in the state. Speaking of local permits, you have to back yourself up with necessary requirements such as tax, zoning, alarm, building, occupational signage, and health.


 A debt consolidation business requires its registration with the state in which it operates. There are a few legal requirements that you must pay attention to:

  • The legal name will be your full name in case you are the only owner of the business. Make sure that you put this name while filing legal documents related to your business. Check the formation of popular debt consolidation agencies and get an idea of the debt consolidation business setup.
  • The business entity must be clear when you are deciding to set up a debt consolidation company.
  • You will need to receive a tax identification number for filing the state and local taxes.

Workplace Equipment

 A standard debt consolidation firm needs to offer comfort and support to the clients, as well as, the employees. Your workplace must be equipped with office essentials such as the printer, computer, fax machine, and Wi-Fi. Besides, clients love to see how much you care for them. Hence, make sure that you have secure storage space built for keeping important case documents and files.


 Starting a debt consolidation business requires you to keep track of many things including the aforementioned points. Ensure taking care of all the requisites that come with setting up a debt consolidation firm and structure your business properly.

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