The King Of Marketing

There is one thing all businesses have in common. Big or small, marketing is a major player in their company. Corporations spend a large part of their income on finding marketing that works. You see this every day. Every time you see a company name on a coffee mug, baseball cap, or business card, that is marketing. Every television commercial, radio broadcast, and logo painted on an automobile, you are seeing their marketing dollars at work.

All of these things have their place and all of these things promote their brand. But there is one marketing item that always takes the prize. The company tee shirt is the single most requested and most used marketing item there is. Everyone loves a tee shirt. It can have your logo, a funny catchphrase, or the name of your company, it doesn’t matter. Your employees want one. Your customers want one. If your customers don’t want one for themselves, they want one for their kid. But, the bottom line is, they want one.

What do the experts say?

Credence Research, an industry leader in research and development has conducted an in-depth study on the growth of custom tee-shirt marketing. The powerful pull of the tee shirt in the marketing field, combined with modern technology which makes the product easier to produce and at a higher quality, reports record growth of the market through the yeast 2023.

Creating and solidifying a team

The first area a business needs to focus on is their own employees. Some employers miss this mark altogether. They purchase their custom printed tee shirts from The Tee Hive, for example, and they give them to the sales team. The sales team passes them along to the clients. The executives believe they are making huge strides because their customers (or at least their employees) are wearing their brand. Yes, that is a nice start.

However, your company is only as strong as your weakest link. Neglecting your own employees is almost an insult. You expect them to treat your customers and each other well. You expect them to go above and beyond their job requirements for the team. But you do not acknowledge them as the team.

When your employees are decked out in their tee shirts they show pride in their workplace. When they are standing next to a co-worker, wearing the same shirt, they feel like they are part of something bigger.

When your customers see your employees in their custom printed tee shirts from The Tee Hive, they feel good about doing business with you. This projects a positive image. Everyone wants to do business with a firm that is in good standing with the community.


It is often the small things that have the biggest impact on your company. Large investments are reserved for large clients. Trips and plaques are a wonderful way to say thank you to your top clients. But it is the average customer that keeps your doors open. Your CEO and Sales Manager may be the best in the business, But it is the CSR and billing clerk that keeps the orders going out and the cash coming in. So invest in marketing that works on every level, You will find the return on that investment is substantial.

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