Stylish Prom Dress

The Evolution of Stylish Prom Dress

Prom seems to be a right of passage these days, with most high schools offering a formal dance of some kind, sometimes more than once year! As Prom evolved, so did the styles! From long sleeve gowns to midi length dresses, the dresses worn to these formal occasions have changed over the decades.

However, prom hasn’t always been about dancing, nice cars and prom dress – the history of prom dates back further than you may think! Discover more about the traditions of prom dress and find out how all the different dress styles you see today evolved over time!

The word prom originated from the word “Promenade” meaning a semi-formal black tie event. Proms are usually held across the world, but the country with the most wealth of history around this popular dance is America.

Whilst Prom traditions in American began a lot earlier than here in the UK, many schools in the UK held summer balls to celebrate the end of school term, and a leavers ball to celebrate the end of school. However, these dances didn’t really hold the same cultural or social significance that a US-style prom had.

The 1940’s- The Long Gown with Full Sleeves 

In early 1940’s style was centred on a satin pencil dress, with covered shoulders and cleavage, with the sleeves featuring a puffy-nature.

The 1950’s- The Tight Bodice with Tulle Skirt

The curve-hugging bodice of the 1950’s were a rage to the fashion of the era, with the shoulders being reveal and the tulle skirt featuring less ruffles.

The 1960’s- The Transition period

In the early ‘60s, a subtle shift in style began, shifting waistlines higher and the skirts slimmed down slightly from the previously seen tulle and ruffled skirts. Dresses might have been slimmer, but hair was higher, and the trend in colours came across in innocent pastel shades.

The 1970’s- The Long-Sleeved Trend

As we crept into the disco-era, girls were trending towards longer, flowy gowns, adopting longer sleeves with sheer materials and off-the-shoulder shoulders also came into style.

The 1980’s: The Wonder of Metallics

From crimped hair to satin pumps, the ‘80s featured styles that are truly to be desired! The shinier the dress the better in these era, really!

The 1990’s: The Off-The-Shoulder Mini

Off-the-shoulder dresses were really popular in the 1990’s, with girls trying shorter and more stylish lengths at Prom. Spaghetti straps also began to make an appearance, with a sleek, minimalistic look taking over.

The Early 2000’s: High Necklines & Beaded Dresses

During the early 2000’s, we began to see higher necklines creeping into fashion, whilst beaded dresses in bright colours and sparkles also made an appearance. We had some stunning high-neck dresses that are sure to make you look in-style and on-trend!

The Late 2000’s: Simple & Beautiful

Whilst prom dress has seen an evolution over time, prom dress evolved into stunning range of prom dress that are simple, elegant and timeless. From backless prom dress, to midi dresses to lace prom dress, we’ve got a range of prom dress for all tastes!

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