The Ascent Vaporizer Review: Read to Find if it is Worth a Purchase

The Ascent Vaporizer from Davinci is conduction vaporizers that will easily fit in your palms. Hence, it is easily portable.  When it comes to producing quality vapor the Ascent is good at it.  You can count on its huge bowl for long sessions.  It has got some state-of-the-art features that allow a high level of precision in temperature control.  It has got a durable battery that can serve you for more than an hour without the need for any recharging.  However, you must try not to deplete the battery dead as it will take nearly five hours to get it fully recharged.

While writing this Ascent vaporizer review, I will like to draw your attention to the fact that you can use it with both dry herbs and concentrates.  Try to stay away from concentrates, as you will have a difficult time cleaning the herb chamber.  It features an OLED touch screen with plus and minus buttons to help you set a desired temperature depending on the kind of herb that you use.  The retail price of the Davinci is around $199. So if this price is affordable then keep on reading to find out if it is worthy of your purchase.

Size, Portability, and Storage

In size it is comparable to an iPhone 5 thus; it can fit easily in the pocket of your jeans.  You can count on the glass stem to keep the unit secured when you are not using it. While the flip out button makes it fairly easy to load and unload while on the move.  If you have used other vaporizers like the one from the Pax series then you will find the Ascent bit heavier that weighs nearly 190 grams.

Vapor Path and Heating Element

Featuring a glass lined ceramic heating element the Ascent allows a high level of precision in temperature control up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat up time of 50 seconds is quite acceptable for a regular vape session. Although the manufacturer claims that the working principle of Ascent Vaporizer is based on convection, yet if you take a close look you will find that it works on the principles of conduction.

The Ascent vaporizer pulls air from the grill at the bottom of the unit making its way through four tiny holes in the chamber’s bottom. Even for the sake of argument if you accept that it uses convection then it amounts to roughly 1 percent like most of the herbs in the chamber are in contact with the bowl. It makes use of an all vapor glass path comprising two internal glass sleeves that are slim enough to slide within one another.  Both of these glass paths are detachable making its cleaning easier.

Chamber Size and Battery life

The Ascent has a chamber that is big enough to give you a session lasting for more than 45 minutes. Ascent battery life is impressive as it uses two non-removable lithium-ion batteries. Although the manufacturer claims that it can serve you for 3 hours when fully charged but I have found that it lasts for around 60 to 90 minutes, which is more than enough.


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