Tata Hexa – The best-selling SUV from Tata

Tata’s flagship SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) has made a re-entry into the market. But this time, it comes with some changes that make it even more attractive. The previous model was obviously a success. The company has been working on how to improve the mileage of the car. The design seems to be similar to the older version. Also, it is now available in automatic transmission.


The engine used by the company in this car is the 2-liter Tech Power engine. The fuel displacement is one of the other things that have been changed. There was no logical reason to make any changes to the displacement. But, the displacement is 1198 cc. The maximum torque offered by the engine is 400 newton meters at the rate of 2000 revolutions per minute. The cargo volume of the is approximately 280 liters. The engine specifications remain similar to the old model. It offers excellent on-road as well as off-road driving experience. Yet, it is an irresistible deal.


The fuel economy provided by engine is about 21.2kmpl on the highways and around q7 kmpl on city roads. This is the major change done by the company. In a mere 13 seconds, the car tata hexa can reach from 0 to 100 kmph. This is an impressive feat by the company. This move will surely attract more customers to Tata Hexa. That’s the thing about tata. It works for the people with full determination. This work culture has made it one of the most loved companies of India.

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The look of this car as mentioned, is very similar to the older version of the car. The headlights of the car are very attractive and give it a more muscular look. There is something that happens to you if you see the headlights powered ON in the night. The overall look of the car is very sporty and trendy. The buyers will have an easy choice in selecting cars after knowing about Tata hexa.


The length of the car is 4787 mm. The width is about 1900 mm. The height of the car is 1785 mm. The car comes with an excellent ground clearance of 200mm, which is much better than the standard ground clearance of 180mm offered by other cars.


The starting price of Tata hexa XTA is 18 lakh rupees. This is relatively a higher price as compared to other options but due to its better features and overall better package, it has managed to get a positive response from the buyers. The reviews are good as well.

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