Suggestions and Tips When Buying a Used Car

In this article, we will give you some tips and suggestions when buying a used car. With this guide that we offer you in this Trade and Customs site, we will help you to avoid any type of scam and we will help you to choose the best-used car.

What to keep in mind when buying used cars

This is always a minefield and nothing guarantees you success, but there are some things to keep in mind before deciding to invest your hard-earned money in buying a used car.

It is clear that different countries have different rules on how to import, export, or sell car with help of used cars Los Angeles, but we assure you that many of these procedures apply wherever they are.

Tips before purchase

  • The depreciation of used cars is much lower than that of new cars and, therefore, they are a more profitable purchase.
  • Study your finances and verify that everything is in place before choosing your car, this saves time, and lets you know exactly which vehicles you can aspire to.
  • Take into account the current “rates” of the vehicles before buying, check the publications that appear in the kiosks or newspapers in order to find the value of the most used vehicles.
  • Consider all the different points of sale such as new car dealerships, private sales, etc., not just second-hand car dealers. In the United Kingdom, the buyer has more rights and guarantees when buying in a trade established in place to carry out a private sale
  • Cars with less than three years and that have covered 10,000 – 15,000 km. a year are probably the best option. The average annual mileage of a car is around 10,000 km, so if a 3-year-old car has mileage between 25,000 and 35,000 km it would be reasonable. If this level is exceeded, it indicates that the car could be used for business or had rough handling.
  • Small or medium cars are easier to maintain and repair than convertibles or luxury cars.

General advice when inspecting a vehicle

Verify that the license plate of the vehicle corresponds to that stipulated in the registration documents and that it has not been altered or changed. Never buy a car without first doing a test drive for yourself

First of all make sure you have a safe place to drive it, then if possible, take it to a unit where there is a whole mix of driving conditions, for example: by highway, by local streets (slow), by winding roads and do not forget to also check the reverse. Buy used car and save some cash.


Always inspect the body with good light. Look for corrosion or oxidation. Oxidation is probably the most damaging thing of all cars over five years of use.

Surface dents can be relatively harmless and easy to treat, but the corrosion that comes from inside the body panels is much more serious. Look for corrosion on the top and rear of the front wings, along with the side skirts, under the front and rear bumpers and under the doors.

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