Styling Men’s Thermals Made Easy

Men often feel quite uncomfortable with the concept of trends. A trend is something that is suggested and other people decide to follow it. If you buy into a trend then it would mean that you are making a statement. It might be quite apparent or even implied. High fashion trends can difficult to follow. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look trendy even in you casual attire. There are many simple tips that guys can follow to look stylish.

In the winter season staying fashionable can be even trickier. Staying warm and fashionable can get quite confusing for most guys. Good coats and jackets can obviously enhance your look but you can even look great by styling your thermals in the appropriate way. A variety of thermals are available n the market. You can even find good quality plus size thermal wear. Thermals are a basic need in the winter season, so if you learn the correct way to style them, you can look great every day. Here are three ways in which you can wear your thermals to look stylish for any kind of activity.

The practical layer

In this attire you will need a long sleeved thermal t-shirt. They are warm, light and quite comfortable which are made of special fibres that create air pockets to provide good thermal insulation from the cold outside. The fabric is very soft making it very practical. You can wear it under almost any kind of attire. As it is very thin it will sit comfortably under your chunky knit sweater even. This pair of the thermal t-shirt and a chunky knit sweater gives you a very casual yet trendy look. It will also keep you sufficiently warm in the cold weather. The thermal t-shirt is also stylish enough for you to wear it by itself. If you start feeling hot indoors you can remove the sweater and still look great.

The wing man

This style is great for all those gentlemen who like mixing things up. Occasionally you might prefer wearing a Henley on top of your favourite tee. The complete design having a crew neck and buttoned placket will give you a very classy look. Originally this style was popular among labourers, so the Henley can add a lot of masculinity to the casual weekend style you were planning. A dusty grey thermal piece or other men’s winter inner wear in this style worn under a nice flannel shirt will give you the classic and masculine look.

Out on top

By now you must get how versatile thermal wear are. But with a melange thermal top you can take it to the next level. Both the sides of the top have different colours, so you can wear a different colour whenever you feel like without having to pay for two tops. It works great as a sweater as well as a tee. You can pair it up with a denim jacket to get a rough and trendy look. You can wear to any of your casual outings with your friends or family.

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