Stunning Options for The Best Anniversary Gift for Her

Stunning Options for The Best Anniversary Gift for Her

Your first wedding anniversary is a few weeks away and your wedding vows are still fresh in your memory. You want to mark the anniversary with some magic and have decided that a fabulous yet intimate gathering with friends and family is what you want for the day. Now all that remains is an anniversary present that will make her smile. And what can be better than gifting her best friends to her. No, we don’t mean the actual ones, but the ones who are woman’s favourite. Yes, we mean diamonds. The stunning present set in any design will make her feel special. Here are a few ways in which you can gift the diamond jewellery:

  • Pendants

If you are looking for something small that can always be close to her heart, then a diamond pendant is a good idea. If her style is simple and elegant, then you could opt for a single diamond pendant. However, if she prefers to wear something elaborate, then maybe multiple stones set in a single pendant will appeal to her better. You could gift her only the pendant and leave the choice of how she wants to wear it- whether with a simple or an intricate chain-  is up to her.

  • Ring

You could add another diamond ring to her finger to complement her engagement ring. Also, diamond rings are versatile and go with most attires. It could be a solitaire held in place by prongs or a ring with a single diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. You have multiple options such as platinum, white gold, and yellow gold to choose from to make the actual ring. While platinum rings can be quite expensive, but they are also the most durable. Consult with your wife’s close friends and family if you are unsure as to which kind of ring to get her.

  • Earrings

A woman can never have enough earrings. She may have a massive box dedicated to earrings, but she’ll still get excited seeing a new pair of earrings. And the excitement doubles when it comes to diamond earrings. Be it a pair of simple studs or dazzling set of stones on each earring, she is sure to love them. Gift her a pair that you think goes well with her other jewellery so that she can make it a part of a set.

  • Necklaces

Again, you may wish to choose between a simple yet elegant necklace, or an elaborate fancy necklace that she can flaunt during social gatherings.

  • Diamond set

If you wish to go all out, then you could buy a diamond set comprising of a necklace and earrings that are sure to make her go weak in the knees! Again, you could ask her close ones for advice as this will be quite a big investment that you wouldn’t want to go wrong.

Let your wedding anniversary gleam not only with your happiness but also with some shiny diamonds.

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