Steven Rindner – Smartphone Photography Tips for Beginners

Are you fond of photography? If yes, it is obvious that you enjoy this hobby of yours. There are some people that want to make a living out of photography. There are several lucrative jobs out there for photographers. You can even start off independently and open your own studio. You may opt for becoming a wedding photographer, real estate photographer, wildlife photographer or just specialize in all domains. When you have decided to become a photographer, you definitely wish to start off somewhere. You may enroll in a professional photography class or opt for a short course to pick up the basics. However, if you do not wish to go in for professional training at the moment, you may start with your smartphone first.

Steven Rindner- how do you start off as a photographer?

Steven Rindner in the USA is interested in the field of web design, branding and photography. He says that most amateur photographers start off with their smartphones when they start taking photographs. He says that you should start off with any subject. In the beginning, practice with your smartphone. It has basic settings and helps you to capture pictures at the right angle and light. When you are taking pictures of a subject, click many of them and compare each photo to the previous one taken. Select the best picture and add it to your portfolio.

When you are more or less proficient with your smartphone camera, you may switch to a basic camera where you will be introduced to the settings of the device. Try to take as many pictures as you can in natural daylight. In the night use the night mode feature. The flash depends upon the visibility you have. Use it as per your needs. When you are taking pictures of landscapes, take them in the morning. The clarity of your photographs is better.

Create a portfolio

When you have taken many photographs, you should create a portfolio with all your pictures. Check them and spot any errors. Show them to professional photographers and invite suggestions from them on how to make your pictures better. Professional photographers will examine your photos and give you specific tips on how you can make them better in the future.

When you take photographs for the first time, you need to check the angle of the subject and practice. You should take pictures of subjects from a distance as well as up close so that you can track your progress. Make a note of your weak points and ask experienced photographers to help you. They will provide you with feedback that come in handy to make your next set of photographs better!

Steven Rindner says that most new photographers practice a lot before they move on to sophisticated cameras. You should also do the same. You may post your photographs on Instagram and invite feedback from friends and followers. They will give you tips and suggestions on how to make your photographs better. At the same time, you can compare photographs you have taken in the past to the ones you have taken recently. In this way, you effectively can become better and better in taking pictures.

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