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Simple Corn Snacks Recipes at Your Fingertips

Corn is considered to be essential in protecting the skin from harsh sun during the summer. The goodness of corn has helped in protecting skin and hair as it contains rich amounts of vitamin E, niacin, thiamine, and vitamin C.  It is high in fibres and thus facilitates proper digestion in the body.

Corn is widely used to make a variety of curries, side dishes or crispy snacks. Crispy corns are the new favourite snacks around the town now. These are very tasty and here you can find out how to make crispy corn.

The corns are coated with maida, corn flour, and rice flour. Care should be taken as to the coating is just perfect and doesn’t result in lumpy or sticky coated crispy corns. Further, a melange of spices adds up to the taste of this quick snack. The recipes take only about 15 minutes to prepare and are definitely the best-suited snacks for monsoon evenings.

Some other corn recipes include:

Corn Fitters:  Corn fitters are a type of snacks that are extremely tasty and can be prepared within an hour. The recipe has been experimented across the globe and a lot of variants can be found.

Spiced simmered corn: This recipe celebrates the rich farrago of spices and the soothing flavour of this recipe is very gentle. The curry has a lot of variants and is usually garnished with coriander leaves is pleasing to the eyes as well as the taste buds.

Handi corn sabzi: This cookery recipe of corn with a savoury play of spices is sure to leave any food lover’s taste buds tingling.

Corn Chaat: This is a great option for an evening snack. Corn Chaat is packed with high energy, a healthy mix of corn chaat is re-energizing and refreshing after a hectic day’s activities.

Corn Soup: The recipe of Corn soup is very popular around the world. The spiced avatar of Corn soup in India is very popular as a starter before the meal. It is also sometimes combined with potato to add a bit more versatility to the soup.

Baby Corn Pakodas:  Pakodas are the popular crisp bite snacks in India. These are simply irresistible recipes and are the perfect options for evening snacks.

Corn Tarts: These are probably the best ways to please children to eat corn and other vegetables. The recipe is immensely delightful and carries goodness of corn as well.

Corn and Potato Burgers: Although there are varieties of takeaway burgers available in the town, the homemade version of corn burgers are sure to become your family’s favourite snack. The patties can be made with cheese, feta cheese and herbs and taste great when slammed with any other vegetables.

Corn Cheese balls: This is one of the easiest recipes of corn and is a no-fail recipe. This is also a great option for snacks in the evening.

Corn is not only tasty but also has good nutrient values and facilitates easy digestion in the body. These were some of the simple, easy to make, and no-fail recipes of corn. Apart from these, corn is widely used in making sabzis, salads, curries and sides.

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