Why shutterbug geeks rely on Movavi Photo Focus to blur images

Why Shutterbug Geeks Rely on Movavi Photo Focus to Blur Images

Nobody likes a blurred image. But what if you have to bring the main focus on a particular subject in the photo? Well, in that case, it’s smarter to blur image background to make the focal point of your capture more prominent. Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to learn any special editing skills to blur your image background. If you ask the shutter-happy techies, most of them will usually vote for Movavi Photo Focus as the absolute tool for image blur. It’s a breeze to use and you will end up with duly blurred image as per your preferences in just minutes.

The post below shares a brief on how to blur image background with Movavi Photo Focus.

Download & install

First, you will download & install Movavai Photo Focus in your computer.

Add photos

The second task is to add photo to the Movavi timeline that has to be blurred. Go to Add Photos, click on it and choose the photo that you wish to work on. Otherwise, you can simply drag the photo straight from your folder to your Movavi timeline.

Blur your image background

We have reached at the main phase of our process.

Go to Filters tab, click on it and open Blur section. The Movavi program is bustling with a versatile selection of blur filters to choose from. For example, if you want a miniature effect in your shots, you can choose tilt-shift effect. You can even add motion blur to your image to make the whole picture very dynamic.

Go through the various blur filters available. Select the one as per your preferences. To add the blur effect, just drag the effect icon on your photo on the Movavi timeline.

You also have to choose the blur intensity here. Movavi allows you to choose from Blur – intense or Blur- mild.

Export and save

Go to the Export button and choose a desired image format if you want to convert your photo. Then, click on Start to commence the conversion process. After the conversion is over, the image will be automatically saved in the Movavi library.

Features of Movavi Photo Focus

  • Able to edit various aspects of a photo like contrast, brightness etc.
  • Able to perform frame transformations including cropping out of unwanted part, rotation of image and so on.
  • Supports a number of image formats and is able to convert image in any format.

Useful tips for users

If you wish to render a dramatic touch to your shots, the Bokeh blur section will be great. Movavi Photo Focus allows users to pick from a wide range of bokeh shapes, including flowers, diamonds, hearts and so on.

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