Shoes are Very Important

Shoes are something that has to be comfortable. We have the pressure of our entire body on our legs and toes. That is why; if we do not wear comfortable enough shoes, our legs might hurt. At the same time we should also keep in mind the style quotient of it. We just cannot walk around by wearing any pair of shoes which might be very comfortable but ugly looking.

If you ask for fashion tips in Hindi in any lifestyle magazine, you will get to know that ladies should never have a single pair of shoes. They are also never happy with it. Most ladies are shoe addicts and own a couple of pairs. But you have to check are these pairs good enough to be kept and worn on a regular basis? If not, then what are the basic pairs of shoes that one has to buy and wear? What are the shoes that will serve almost every purpose? Here are some ideas.

Flat Sandals

This is an essential pick when it comes to shoes. Your shoe rack must have 2 or 3 pairs of these. For regular outings, beach holidays or casual walks, these can be a brilliantly comfortable one. In fact, in hot summers when you are tired of wearing shoes, these sandals will save you as they are very breezy and light. Ankle straps go very well with jeans, roll up pants, skirts and jumpsuits.


These are a must because you can wear them at parties. If you have some neon and bright coloured pumps in your wardrobe then you are sorted for parties. This will be very comfortable and even after dancing for hours your legs will not hurt. Mix and match coloured pumps with your dresses.


This is a very comfortable pair and one needs to own at least one pair. If you are going for a run or for casual coffee outings then these can serve the purpose. Now, you can get them in trendy colours as well which you can pair up with your dresses or a pair of jeans. Take a sling bag along with it and you are sorted with your look.

Ballet Flats

This is a perfect mixture of comfort and style. You can easily wear them to work or for casual outings. You can pick and choose from the varieties of colours available and you can wear them with your denim attires. They look good and are super comfortable.


Gladiator flats are all about style quotient. You can wear them when you are wearing shorts or minis. Go for tanned brown gladiators as they look super sexy with your attire. It is a perfect one when you are going out for a casual date.

Kitten heels

These are not for regular usage but one can keep one pair for their classy looks. Pair it with a cocktail dress and you will know how stylish it can be.

One can get fashion world tips in Hindi from fashion sites and magazines.

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