SEO Trends to Watch Out For In 2018 to Keep Up With the Competition

You have witnessed Google Accelerated Mobile Pages dominating the SEO in 2017. Moreover, you have seen the rise of HTTPS, reformatting of snippets for accommodating the boost in voice search’s popularity, precautions to combat the excessive use of 301 redirects, importance of backlinks etc. Some of these trends would be continuing into 2018 while some would simply drift away. With the New Year just a few days away, everyone is expecting several new SEO trends to emerge.

Voice Search Would Gain More Importance & Dominance

Voice could never be more real than in 2018. Voice search would continue to gain more and more traction by the day. Numerous consumers have understood the convenience of simply speaking, instead, of typing. It would be quicker and queries could be far more detailed. The most important fact is that in 2018 everyone would be having easy access to effective and trustworthy voice recognition software. We have been witnessing that technology keeps changing over time and so does public’s opinion and your perception of it.

As per statistics, about 55 percent of the teenage population and around 40 percent of the adult population actually use voice search on a daily basis. This is pretty impressive. All these statistics are demonstrating a sharp shift in the existing online trends. So in 2018, businesses must ideally concentrate on long tail keywords, more natural language, and conversational speech. Seek professional help to boost your SEO rankings. Get in touch with reputed SEO companies such as SandCrestSEO.

More Emphasis on Page Relevance

Google would still be relentlessly striving to provide its users the best possible browsing experience. Besides providing its users safe websites, Google would be looking for websites that match perfectly the search intent of the user even though, it is slightly different from their precise query. This automatically, implies that search engines would be assessing and evaluating the content’s relevancy on your site. One of the effective ways implemented by Google is Latent Semantic Indexing for evaluating a website’s relevance.

Mobile First is the Need of the Hour Hence, Mandatory

Smartphones are dominating the SEO landscape and there has been a dramatic boost in web browsing on mobile devices. As per statistics, currently, the number of users accessing the Internet on smartphones is definitely higher as compared to the number of people browsing on the conventional desktop computer. More than 57 percent of the total web traffic is coming from mobile devices only. We simply cannot undermine the importance of Mobile first anymore. You no longer have the option of making your site mobile-friendly, now it is mandatory to follow the trend that reiterates mobile first. Today, mobile-friendliness seems to be a key search ranking factor.


SEO and online marketing is an ever-evolving and a truly dynamic world. So, it is but natural to expect some new trends in the upcoming New Year. Many of you would be showing reluctance to embrace the new trends. But you must not hesitate to adapt yourself to the new trends because with adaptation, you could see success coming. Website owners must necessarily stay abreast with the ever-changing SEO trends if they want to beat the rest and stay on top.

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