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Scott Jay Abraham Talks About The Responsibilities of Industrial Designers

Industrial designers basically develop the concepts for manufactured products, such as home appliances, cars, and toys by combining art, engineering, and business to make products that people use each day. Industrial designers usually pay attention on the user experience when it comes to creating style and function for a specific appliance or gadget.

Scott Jay Abraham: A renowned industrial designer from San Francisco, California

Industrial designers need to work with other professionals when it comes to designing ideas for clients and turning those ideas into new products. They usually focus in one product category, such as furniture, automobiles or housewares and are creative and importunate to communicate their ideas about new product design.

Scott Jay Abraham is an industrial interior designer expert who is basically from San Francisco, California. He has been serving as an independent interior designer expert for over five years now and states that the industrial designer has several responsibilities which are mentioned below:

  • An industrial designer needs to consult with clients to know about the requirements for designs
  • They are responsible for carrying out research to find out which particular product to use, and the variety of ways it can be used
  • An industrial designer can create renderings or sketch out ideas, which are images on a computer or on paper that give a better visual of design ideas
  • They can make physical prototypes of their designs
  • An industrial designer can use computer software to develop virtual models of various designs
  • They can examine materials and production costs to find out manufacturing requirements
  • At times the industrial designer may need to work with other professionals such as producers or engineers to assess whether their design ideas will complete the requirement at a cost-effective cost
  • They can evaluate appearance, product safety, and function to find out if a design is practical
  • They can even demonstrate prototypes and present designs to clients for approval

In addition to this, there are certain industrial designers who focus on a specific product category. For instance, some work on consumer electronics products, or design medical equipment. Other designers may develop ideas for new furniture, bicycles, snowboards, or housewares. Scott Jay says that as an industrial designer he imagines how consumers may use a product and test different designs to see how each design looks and works. Industrial designers at times work with production experts, engineers, and market research analysts to find out if their designs are viable.

Scott further says that freelance work is possible for designers with suitable industrial experience, even though it can be difficult to become established. He also states that in order to enter into this field, it becomes important to have the required qualification and knowledge.

In the leisure hours Scott Jay Abraham likes to discover new places with his pet Dachshund. He calls his pet Shadow. He loves travelling to various places with his pet and also offers tips of how to take care of the pets when travelling or when at home.

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