Madhya Pradesh is known for its food and people of Indore is highly obsessed with food. Their love for food is never-ending. Sarafa Bazar food street in Indore is the place where you can quench the thirst for food. This place has the variety of street food here. So here are the best eateries of the Sarafa Bazaar which you must try.

  1. Saawariya Chaat House:

This is the most famous eatery in the Sarafa Baazar. This has been started by Om Prakash Vyas’s father Saawariya Seth in 1983. The speciality of this place is Sabudana kichdi. Although Sabudana kichdi is a Maharastrian dish it eventually became famous in Indore. Om Prakash Vyas has given this dish his own twist by adding some masalas. You can also have some chaats here. But Sabudana Khichdi is a must. They also have special items for the ladies who fast. It is best for navaratri fast. 

  1. Vijay Chaat house:

 This place is famous for its snacky fare. They are also known for their samosa and kachoris but they are best known for their khopra patties. This crispy outside soft and melting inside snack is made up of coconut. The coconut is stuffed in this patties. This is served with a tangy tamarind chutney and is known for the sweet and spicy flavours.

  1. Joshi Dahi Vada:

This stall is very famous for its magic and his magic dahi vada is all you need to eat. The owner of this shop is a real showman. He attracts the customers by doing a stunt. He spins the bowl of Dahi Vada in the air and collects it all back without spilling a drop. They are famous for serving the soft and tangy Dahi Vadas, sprinkled with lime, coriander and amchur. You can also have Bhutte ki Keesh that consists of mashed corn smothered in ghee and spices.

  1. Jai Bhole Jalebi Bhandar:

After all the tangy food next famous thing is this jalebi bhandar. This Indian dessert is the most famous thing in Indore. In Indore, it’s not Jalebi its jaleba. More thick, more stuffed and sweetened with more sugar syrup than normal Jalebi. They also serve delectable malpuas and gulab jamuns. 

  1. Agrawal Ice Cream:

Tangy is done. Sweet is done. Then the next famous thing in Sarafa Bazaar is this Ice Cream corner. This Ice Cream corner is serving Ice cream for last 55 years. Agrawal Ice cream is a household name for Ice Cream in Indore. They have every kind of Ice creams available. Their unique combo of Alphonso Ice Cream and Shrikhand is a mouth-watering treat.

  1. Anna ka Paan Shop:

After eating all the sweets and chatpata food. After having Ice cream. Your next stoppage should be this paan bhandar. Anna ka Paan Shop is famous for a special kind of paan which features cashew, almonds and gulkand filled inside a thin layer of green petha and which is held together with a clove. This special paan is known as Petha Paan. 


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