Sadigh Gallery-How Do You Know Ancient Coins Are Real?

Sadigh Gallery-How Do You Know Ancient Coins Are Real?

There are several instances where ancient coins have been sold in the market as real. Later, on testing and examination by experts in the field, it has been discovered that these coins are fake they really have no worth in the market. In most cases if you take a look at ancient coins they do appear real but at the same time there are many unscrupulous individuals that have produce duplicate coins with the aim to cheat innocent people like you. Now, if someone tries to sell you an ancient coin, do not fall into a trap. Take time and check with a good gallery or museum to see if it is real or not!

Sadigh Gallery- make sure the coin you get is not fake!

Sadigh Gallery is the name of a popular gallery in New York. It has many pieces of ancient art on display and is known for its impression collection of antiques and artifacts from the past. The experts here state that most of the time they receive people coming in with old coins asking them for examination and tests. They say apparently the coins at first glance do seem to be real and so it is obvious and easy to pass them off as real. However, despite first glances, once the coin is sent for testing in the lab, it turns out to be fake.

What about the weight of the coin?

There is a common misconception that all coins of a specific historical or ancient period weigh the same. Experts have reputed this claim and say it is not true. The weight of the coin does not prove that it belonged to that specific period or age. In fact, the weight may be the same as the weight of old coins produced during the same period however this does not prove that the coin is authentic. For instance, in ancient Athens, a coin weighed approximately 16.60 to 17.3 grams. However, there are some coins that were wider than others during the same period and they are considered to be real as well. So, from the above, it is obvious that weight alone does not prove that the coin is a genuine one. Further tests have to be conducted on the same.

Examine the size of the coin as well.

The size of the coin has importance and needs to be examined as well. If you take the ancient coins produced in Rome you will find that all of them do not have uniform shape or dimensions. They were imperfect and there are cases of many duplicate pieces being made on the original die that was used. This means it is important for you to always check and examine a coin that has been produced during this era to labs for testing.

The experts state that the production methods used in different civilizations were not the same. This is why it is wrong to assume that all coins during that period are real and authentic. Weight and size should not be the only determining factors for proving the authenticity of a coin. The professionals here at Sadigh Gallery always insist in sending ancient coins to labs so that its authenticity can be proved as real and not fake.

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