Reverse Estrogen Dominance by Your Next Period

Most of the women do not enjoy their menstrual period. Despite it is a natural thing that happens every month (unless if you are pregnant), the feeling of having to “endure” that cycle for three to seven days is unpleasant.

Menstruation happens when two hormones from the ovaries drop off after the ovulation cycle, provided that no eggs were fertilized. With this process happening inside, the body also encounters a sudden shifting of hormones on this season. The intense rise and fall of the hormones are the reasons why women experienced fluctuations in their moods, cravings and physical pains like cramps that made menstruation painful and irritable for them to experience.

These natural imbalances are unavoidable, and there may be times that in every month, different things can happen or experienced. Despite the discomfort brought by these hormonal changes, there are still ways that women can manage this and make their next menstrual period more manageable and less painful.

One of the reasons why there is a sudden hormonal imbalance in every woman’s menstruation is too much stress, so proper stress management should be done to minimize these irritable changes. According to experts, aside from managing the effects of stress, more ways can be done to balance the hormones in the body. Here are some of the following:

  1. Getting adequate sleep

Insufficient sleep does not only make a woman tired or sluggish, but it also causes intense hormonal cycle affecting the menstruation. A sleep-deprived woman has an increased level of cortisol. This hormone not only activates the stress in the system, but it also suppresses the normal levels of hormones which can cause abnormal ovulation, anovulation (no ovulation) or amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

  1. Regular exercising

With regular exercise, it releases hormones that can help your body manage the menstrual especially the pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Moreover, an active lifestyle brings out the best in a woman’s well-being because an active body release endorphins, chemicals that make a person “feel good”.

  1. Making one’s self warm

Having the desire to keep warm every menstrual cycle is not just about the mood whenever a woman has her menstrual period. According to Chinese medicine, the menstruation is a “cold” time every month, so giving the body something warm and cozy like a hot drink, socks, and scarves is a good thing to do.

  1. Consuming complex carbohydrates

Generally, foods can bring a positive effect on the brains as they can send chemicals that can cause soothing effect and minimize the stress, especially during periods. Complex carbohydrates like whole grains make the brain produce more serotonin, a calming neurotransmitter.

  1. Eating protein-rich foods

During the menstrual cycle, the female’s hormones are synthesized from the protein’s amino acids. To counterweight the lower levels of the hormones, it is important to also eat foods that are rich in protein.

  1. Eat foods with healthy fats

Foods like salmon contain omega-3-fatty acids and are also important to lessen the stress in the body especially at this time. With this, it helps the body system to have a brightened mood.

Good fats like avocados, nuts, and seeds aid in bringing the best mood as they can balance the sugar levels and regulate the hormones in the body.


  1. Staying hydrated

The prostaglandin that is released by the body during menstruation makes a woman constipated and to have a bloated stomach. In addition, having a tender breast and experiencing fluid retention also happen during menstruation. These are some of the reasons why a woman with a menstrual period has to keep hydrated especially at this time.

Drinking diuretic herbs and beverages helps to lessen fluid retention and being bloated during menstruation. Coffee is not recommended and should be avoided at this time.

  1. Consider taking vitamin supplements.

Because of the lifestyle, most of the women are deficient with some nutrients that worsen the hormonal imbalance that also affects their periods. Some vitamins and minerals can give a better feeling at these periods. Here are some of them:

–    Magnesium: with its soothing properties, it can reduce menstrual cramps and headaches, assist to achieve a night of better sleep, and boosts the mood. Moreover, it helps to produce more progesterone and serotonin.

–    Vitamin B- it helps the liver break down estrogen to control its amount to aid in balancing hormones.

When dealing with hormonal imbalance, it is vital to choose and consider supplements that will also not bring worse effects on the body while managing to normalize or manage the hormones. See for supplements and other wellness products.

  1. Have a regular monitor of the hormones

Cases like menstrual pains and heavy bleeding are some of the results of having an abnormal hormone level. Testing the hormones in the body can determine the extent of the hormones in the body. Aside from the expected hormonal changes during menstruation, it can also be a manifestation of having problems in the thyroid so consultation to a health professional must be done.

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