The Relevance of Diesel Consumption in The South African Travel Industry

It has been widely acknowledged that the demand for diesel in South Africa has been increasing at a fairly rapid rate due in large part to the fact, that the nation is going through a period of fairly rapid economic growth.

This holds particularly true in terms of  infrastructure development as well as a steep increase in the demands of travel sector. As a matter of fact, the post-apartheid era has helped open up South Africa to the whole world and it has become the ‘go to’ travel destination for globe trotters from different parts of the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Thanks to its exotic wild life parks, amazing coastline and beautiful cities, the nation has indeed, made a name for itself in the tourist industry, as a whole.

The many buses that ply the major roads and railway networks criss-crossing the whole country rely largely on diesel to take large numbers of tourists and other passengers both from and to their destinations.

Add to that the fact that buses and truck sales have reached an all-time high and some of these massive trucks and lorries are no slouches in the fuel consumption department as such.

The Nissan company’sSouth Africa division, for example, has long been retailing a popular series of trucks for longhaul and extra heavy duty. These trucks are suitably well equipped with a fuel tank capacity of a staggering 800 litres or so. This is the part where Spectra Oil comes into the picture. They have been delivering their services so as to keep the South African Travel industry quite literally, on track.

However, it is not just truck, buses and trains that run on Deiseal fuel in South Africa. Contrary to many other countries in the world, diesel has made a sharp comeback as the fuel of choice for the discerning SUV and car owner in south Africa. Some of the more popular models include the Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi Trend that delivers 3.3L per 100km as well as the really trendy looking Volvo V40 D2 that easily manages 3.4L per 100km.  Apart from that, the tourists that routinely throng the country ensure that many new diesel powered buses are constantly been added to the roads all over the country.

And it is not just the travel and automotive sectors that are going through a veritable resurgence in Diesel as the fuel of choice in the county. In fact, diesel l is now increasingly being used as the prime fuel for many electric power plants that provide crucial energy to some of the largest cities of the country.

However, due to diesel’s ecological footprint the country has struggled to maintain a healthy balance between consumption of this fuel and its international commitments to the world at large. However, the high quality of diesel fuel available in South Africa has gone a long way towards mitigating any ill effects of prolonged usage of this fuel.

In the light of the above, we can say that diesel will continue to be the mainstay of the South African travel industry for many years, into the future.

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