Why is Reasoning Ability Test Important to Hire People?

It is a harsh fact that some of the important and key questions can’t simply be answered during one single interaction with the candidate. If you really want to know if the candidate is a perfect choice for your position and is an effective decision maker or has exceptional problem solving skills or he is flexible enough to cope up with the speed of changes in their roles, then you must consider integrating a cognitive ability tests into your hiring armour.

Reasoning ability tests are also known as mental agility tests at times and they measure certain facets of general intelligence which are known to subsidize to the success of an individual across an array of employment jobs and domains. These facets include the mental agility and also assess their analytical bent of mind as well as fast learning. You can also find if the applicant has good reasoning skills or not with the help of these ability tests. With the help of these tests, you would be able to find out the performance of your candidate on these parameters and will also let you know how well they would be able to perform in case they are placed in the particular position. It is imperative for employees to apply their mental abilities in order to solve various work-related issues, or sometimes just to acquire knowledge.

These tests, when administered and reviewed by HR professionals, could be accurate predictors of the performance of a candidate in the times to come in case he gets selected for a new job role. More and more HR Professional these days are using these reasoning ability tests as they are easy to use and have a surprising accuracy. Thus,cognitive ability tests have now become essential tool for talent acquisition toolbox.

How to administer the tests

These tests are basic and very important pre-employment testing tool and therefore it is important to establish a target with the help of which you can compare the results of the candidates. It surely is a good idea to test the high performers that are already working in similar roles, or the ones who have worked in that particular role earlier. This data is then used as a benchmark to assess the new candidate.

After the standards and goals are being established, these tests could be assigned to the shortlisted candidates. The results could be compared with the tests already taken and benchmark that has already been decided. And accordingly you would be able to predict the job performance of the candidate in the times to come. In case you find the result of your candidate closer to the benchmark set, then surely you have found the candidate who will succeed in the role and are a safe resource to hire. In case they do not score well, then surely they are not a good match and you need to keep up the hiring process and find more and more better candidates for the job role.

So, just like any other abilities and skills testing, the reasoning ability testing cannot be a sole deciding factor of a candidate’s rejection or selection. But these tests could be used as a source of information which can assist the HR in making decisions


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