Professional Development – 5 Ways Your Team Can Benefit From a Co-working Space

As the co-working trend in New Zealand is underway, many of its urban centres are filling up with co-working spaces that offer professionals an amalgam of benefits. In addition to meeting professionals from a diverse range of industries, entrepreneurs have so many opportunities to make connections that can positively impact their business. Co-working spaces, for the most part, provide professionals with the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious areas in the city.

These spaces simply lease the use of space to professionals and business owners. A plan typically allows renters the use of a hot desk or permanent desk, in addition to the internet and other office equipment and amenities. The co-working space is attractive to so many because it is a more affordable alternative to traditional leasing, but for those working in teams, the co-working space has other benefits.

Continue reading below to learn more about how your team can benefit from a co-working space.

Networking And Collaboration

Of the many benefits, networking and collaboration are at the top of the list. As stated previously, co-working presents professionals with a number of opportunities to connect with professionals across diverse industries throughout the day, whether informally engaging with each other over lunch or coffee or whether attending formal networking functions.

More significantly, these events can translate into opportunities for your team to join with others for special projects and other business endeavours. Because collaboration is at the centre of many coworking outfits, many spaces encourage and nurture these arrangements.


Another great feature that co-working spaces offer those who work in teams is the ability to move around, even internationally, if needed. Since most international cities have co-working spaces, finding a spot to work in while away from the office is not difficult.

This mobility is especially advantageous when teams decide to test out markets in other areas. Since there is no furniture to move or no protracted, complicated leasing agreements to settle, teams can pick up and go with ease.

Online Apps

By having access to the internet as a part of your leasing agreement, your team can freely use any of the numerous online apps. In addition to some of the cloud-sharing programs, business management dashboards and various other phone applications allow for team members to remain in contact with each.

Even more significant, allow for work to be completed regardless of the location of other members. These applications have made working in the co-working space much more efficient for teams.


One of the great qualities of the co-working space is that it provides team members with a sense of community. Many of these organisations focus on building a community of entrepreneurs who benefit from a nurturing environment. Whether this means organising barbecues for social engagement, organising conferences where young professionals can network, making mentors available for those who need guidance, and nurturing startups, coworking provides teams who need guidance a community they can rely on as they pursue their business endeavours.


For those entrepreneurs working as a part of a team, the flexibility to make decisions regarding where you work and with whom has to be one of the best benefits. The logistics of co-working place teams in a room with a plethora of other professionals who they can choose to work with or not.

It provides teams with the flexibility of creating business connections and collaborations. Furthermore, this flexibility allows co-workers to choose what cities or locations they want to grow their business and much more easily than with traditional office setups.

Benefitting From Flexible Space

The co-working space is more than some trendy office arrangement that allows young professionals to meet for business. Instead, this working style is the juncture where affordability and collaboration meet. With numerous opportunities to engage with professionals from diverse industries, teams greatly benefit from co-working spaces.


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