Planning the perfect quirky wedding

The traditional white wedding isn’t for everyone and many brides and grooms want their big day to really showcase their individuality and personality. Quirky weddings are becoming more popular amongst couples who want their wedding to be a little different and to truly reflect them as people. However, as quirky weddings are very much personalized, they do take a little extra planning.

While many traditional venues and their wedding planning teams will be as flexible as possible with your quirky wedding requests, sometimes it is much easier, and more quirky, to take the wedding elsewhere. If you want to plan the perfect quirky wedding from scratch, then here are a few tips to help you on your way.

The essentials

Planning your own quirky wedding will be fun and exciting as you think of all the ways you can make your wedding completely unique. However, you mustn’t forget the essentials while you get carried away with all the fun bits. Think of what your guests will need to be comfortable during the day; make sure you sort out catering for both the wedding breakfast and the evening do. Your guests will also need to be kept watered so look into wedding bar hire if your venue doesn’t have its own facilities. Make sure you have enough seating and, if you are having your quirky wedding outdoors, make sure you have a backup plan if the weather turns sour.

The budget

The wedding budget is always an important part of wedding planning but if you are organizing a quirky wedding by yourselves then the budget needs to be closely monitored. While many wedding venues offer packages with a set cost, if you are planning your own quirky wedding then you will need to do the costing yourself. Research and budget ahead of time and make sure you keep an eye on how much you are spending as you go along. Remember, quirky doesn’t have to mean expensive. You can hand make several elements of your wedding, such as invites and table centerpieces, to keep costs from spiraling and it will make your wedding even more unique.

Truly unique ideas

When planning your own quirky wedding, its best to try and get your inspiration from your own personality and experiences. It can be tempting to search the internet and social media sites such as Pinterest for your inspiration. However, if it’s online, it means it has been done before and probably so many times it could no longer be considered quirky. Your quirky wedding should be fun and different but also unique to you as a couple. Let your own ideas and taste shine. Your guests will be there to celebrate you as a couple, and they will be in awe of how unique and different your wedding will be if it has been planned from the heart, rather than from the pages of a magazine or the boards of Pinterest.

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