Housewarming Party

Organizing a Cost Effective House warming Party

When you find the house of your dreams and finally decide to move into this place, it is one of the best moments of your life. This is a special investment and life moment that you want to celebrate it with all your nearest family and friends. You can do this by throwing a housewarming party when you can invite all your family and friends to be a part of this special moment in your life. A lot of people skip housewarming parties because thy are under the impression that these will be expensive and time consuming. So, what do you do in such a situation when all your family and friends are waiting on you for your party? Here are a few ways in which you can cut down costs as well as time on preparing and executing your entire housewarming party seamlessly –

Order food from a catering company

Instead of preparing all the meals yourself and wasting hours in the kitchen cooking food, you can easily order the food from your local catering company. This way, you save on time and effort and also have a wider variety of food to choose from! Catering companies have a huge array of dishes for appetizers, main course, desserts as well as cocktails and mocktails! You can also book your online cake delivery in Jhunjhunu from this catering company to ensure you get a better price and healthier discount as compared to the bakeries and patisseries.
Cake and desserts

If you have a catering company for your food menu, you won’t have to worry about the desserts because catering companies have a long list of desserts specially designed for different taste palettes. For a birthday cake or specialized cake for the housewarming party, you can easily order your cake online on any gifting website or bakery website that does online cake delivery in Jhunjhunu or any place across India. You don’t have to waste time travelling to a bakery and placing your order when you can easily order the cake online complete with all your customizations and decorations on the cake.

Party décor

You can do the décor easily by yourself with the help of your friends and family. There are tons of different party DIY décor videos online these days which you can refer to while creating your own party décor. You can purchase all the required items from a local party shop that has balloons, stickers, glitter, posters and other such fun décor items that you can use for your housewarming party decorations. An added bonus to all of this is that you can enjoy a lot of close bonding time with your family and friends when you do the decorations together! These memories will be some of the best which you will treasure for the years to come.

If needed, you can also ask your closest friends to bring their own choice of liquor and alcohol to cut your costs further. Don’t forget to click loads of photos to cherish this beautiful day!

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