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Are you looking to expand your knowledge and experience in the tech and IT field? Then let us tell you all you need to know about the Oracle certification process because it is definitely the right path for you!

Oracle is one of the world’s leading enterprise software company that provides the certification course for the most profitable and worthwhile career in the IT domain. Oracle certifications are among the most valued, sought-after and respected credentials in the IT industry, especially in the database field. Oracle certifications get recognition and appreciation in all the industries and organizations. With the increase in ambitious candidates applying for jobs in IT industries, a certification from the Oracle Corporation boost your chances of getting recognized and selected and confirms your entry in the corporate world.

Oracle certifications program is available in numerous fields like application development, database administration, information management and more. The various level of Oracle certifications are:

  • Oracle Certified Associate: It offers entry-level DBA certification designation and includes basic Oracle skills.
  • Oracle Certified Professional: It includes training for to manage a large-scale database for wide applications.
  • Oracle Certified Master: This is the most advanced Database Administrator certification. This certificate confirms a senior position in IT departments with the responsibility of handling critical database systems and application.
  • Oracle Certified Expert: The Certified Expert credential signify your expertise in technologies, domain, and architectures

For clearing Oracle exams and to get its certification, you can get Oracle Dataguard Training from Oracle University or from any other private institute. Oracle Certified Associate- DBA 11g and Oracle Certified Professional – DBA 11g are two most popular and in demand Oracle certifications. A certification in Oracle can secure a profitable career with your ability to solve technical issues competently. The certification is a credit to the career and offers certain job roles that have been mentioned below:

  • Database Administrator
  • Application Developer
  • Instructional Coordinators

To register for Oracle Certificate exam, you can visit the official website of Oracle consult the full list of certificates that they offer. If you are unsure which certificate is the right one for you, you can use the Certificate Finder tool to help guide you. Once you find the ideal certificate for you, all you have to do is click on it and you will be presented with the specific Oracle certification path that you have to follow.

Some of the reason to get Oracle Certifications is-

  • You will earn a brand new skill set that is extremely relevant in today’s professional world. As many as 97% of the Global Fortune 500 companies utilize software from Oracle, so you can aim high!
  • Your certificate will be recognized worldwide, so the location of your chosen career will not be an issue anymore.
  • You will actively increase your chances of getting a promotion or a better job because you will give weight to your resume and you will earn a firm advantage over your contenders.
  • You stand a great chance of getting a consistent salary increase! Over 80% of the people who have earned an Oracle certificate have reported receiving increased compensation or some other type of improvement.
  • You will improve your level of self-confidence regarding your professional abilities because Oracle certificates represent a high standard of proficiency.

Oracle Certifications is not restricted to a single role but is suitable for diverse job roles or profiles.There are many benefits for getting Oracle certification for individuals.  Oracle certifications establish one’s proficiency and increase credibility. It creates wide job opportunities and creates the competitive advantage of an individual by enhancing his/ her skills. The certification proves helpful for database administrators, analysts, software developers, Web administrators and professionals seeking for the senior level profile. Oracle certified IT professionals are among the highest paid employees in the IT industry. It is not only beneficial for fresher but also for experienced professionals to remain updated with the current technological advancements.

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