Laser Lipo Shape is a cutting-edge development in the process of laser Lipolysis that blends Laser Lipo Body and Laser Lipo Vac together to get you the best of inch loss. Your body become more contoured and doesn’t need anesthetic. You don’t have to go through the pain of needles and there is also no downtime. The process is incorporated with 36 laser diodes, vacuum massage, along with infra-red skin tightening for targeting stubborn fat deposits. The process helps you in lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and betters skin renewal.

The non-surgical laser lipo treatment is possible as the Laser Lipo Body uses treatment pads. They are placed all over the body. There are infrared lasers used for providing the chemical signal and it breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and there is glycerol released through cell membranes. The method of photobiomodulation in our fat cells help mimic body’s natural process of letting out the stored fat content and that is transported all across the body and into the tissues where it is burned down during the time of post-treatment exercise.

The method of Laser Lipo Vac is done by a vacuum massage action that betters the removal of released fat cell content by the suction action and optimizes the absorption of the infra-red laser in the dermis for promoting the growth of collagen. It enhances the blood circulation of that area. As a result you will get a slimmer and tighter body that will make you look smoother.

Why you should use Laser Lipo to get into shape?

The process of laser lipo helps you get into shape by reducing the content of localized fat deposits. The process helps in reducing the body circumference and the temporary reduction of appearance of cellulite. You also have a tightened body that maintains the right shape.

Benefits of Laser Lipo

1.      Safe and painless

The process of laser lipo without surgery doesn’t let you go through any pain. The process is safe and simple. There is no downtime and you can be at the comfort of going through an easy medication. It works well for women of all age groups. The treatment is done with the help of our skilled specialists, so you will have the best of services.

2.      Targeted fat reduction

The process of laser lipo targets the right way of going through fat reduction processes. You get to shed fat on targeted body areas. The process is way better than the surgical methods that can result painful or inappropriate.

3.      Convenience

The method of fat reduction through laser treatment is easier and convenient.  You don’t need to go through tough exercise regimen or painful surgeries to cut down on fat. These work out well for people who are really busy and cannot take out time for fitness.

The non-surgical laser lipo treatment method will stick to your aid in the long run and will not give you side effects. We serve you in the best way possible with the top classes equipment aid, so that there optimum satisfaction from your end.

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