NATTI Courses in Australia – A Brief Insight

Anyone who aspires to pursue a career in the field of translation can enroll in Professional Year Program NAATI in some of the cities in Australia. The NAATI Course Perth has been designed in such a manner so that the candidates can grow and develop knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of this profession. In this course or NAATI approved courses the candidate are given full guidance which goes a long way in helping them to make a successful career in the field of translation or as an interpreter. There are professional Education Consultants who helps the candidates to achieve their goals.

There are many institutes in Australia which offer high-quality NAATI training. Some of these colleges and institutes also issue accreditations for interpreters as well as translators in Australia. If there is someone who has gone through a course in translation without passing the NAATI accreditation test, in that case, he might find it difficult when it comes to finding a suitable job in Australia. If you are looking to peruse NAATI in Perth then there are many institutes available. The NAATI course fees Perth is quite reasonable.

What is a NAATI Approved Course All About?

The NAATI approved courses are basically Diploma which marks the qualification in the field of interpretation and tertiary translation.  It has been approved by the Higher Education institutions and NAATI accredited VET

NAATI Approved Courses – Benefits

If students can successfully a NAATI approved course and meet all the Criterion, then they are eligible to get a NAATI accreditation without having to pass the NAATI Accreditation test.

Graduates who have successfully completed a NAATI approved course are eligible to apply to NAATI for accreditation

Who is Eligible to Apply for CCL and NAATI Accreditation test?

Those applicants who possess Student Visa, Subclass 500, Temporary Skill Shortage, subclass 482, Temporary Graduate Visa, subclass 485 or any other types of Visas which makes the candidate eligible to stay for a minimum period of 6 months in Australia can apply for this test

The applicants of 190 Visa, 189 Visa,and 489 Visas are also eligible to apply for NAATI test

What is the Duration of the Course?

As far as NAATI approved course duration is concerned, it takes 30 weeks to complete the entire course

Eligibility Criterion for NAATI Accreditation

There is a couple of criteria one needs to meet in order to be eligible for NAATI Accreditation. They are as:

  • The applicant has to be 18 years old or more in order to apply
  • The candidates need to appear for the entry level exam which is organized by the institutions that are recognized by NAATI
  • They need to submit certain documents like IELTS/PTE Score, Visa, Health Insurance and Australian Qualification

What is the Procedure to get a NAATI Accreditation?

The process of getting a NAATI Accreditation is as follows:

  • At first, one needs to apply for the NAATI Accreditation exam
  • He needs to present a tertiary qualification in interpreting or translation which he has received from any educational institutes located overseas.
  • He needs to provide proof of international professional memberships or advanced standing
  • The candidate should have completed aProfessional Year course in interpreting or translation from a NAATI approved Australian institute.

How to Get Accreditation through an Approved Course?

After completing a course on NAATI from an institution which has been accredited by NAATI, a candidate can be directly recommended by that institution for a NAATI accreditation

There are a couple of criteria one needs to meet for being recommended

  • The candidate needs to complete his graduation in a language stream that is approved by NAATI and needs to secure the required grade for a recommendation in the final interpreting or translation examination
  • There are a couple of approved institutions which makes recommendations to NAATI directly. The candidates who have been recommended are required to submit an application. The ‘Application for Accreditation by Australian Approved Course’ (Form B), needs to be filled in properly and submitted. It is available on the NAATI website.
  • After the candidate has submitted his application, he will be issued a NAATI number. It might take a period of 7 working days. A minimum of 6 weeks’ time is taken in order to assess the application of a candidate
  • It is the responsibility of the institutions to let their students know if they have been recommended for NAATI accreditation
  • The candidates who have been recommended needs to submit an application for accreditation to NAATI within a time of 3 years from the date of completion of their course.
  • The applicant needs to provide proof to show that he has regular work experience in the domain of interpreting or translating

In order to get more details on NAATI Course and accreditation, visit their official website.

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