How Much Of The Internet Is Deep Web?

We all are internet users and we browse a lot of sites on daily basis. All the websites that we browse on Google or Yahoo comes under surface web.

There are 3 categories on the internet: Surface web– This is the web which most of us surf and it is discoverable by standard search engines.

Deep web– This is the deep part of the internet which is not discoverable by standard search engines. It is not illegal to surf Deep web but it is very risky.

Dark web– This is the dark side of the Deep web and it is not discoverable by standard search engines. It comes under deep web but accessing Dark web is illegal and super risky.

Deep web and Dark web links have some illegal content that we won’t like at all. So, it is better to stay away from it but we should be aware about everything on the internet in order to stay safe and secure.

Today, we will be taking a look at the most asked question on the internet about Deep web.

How much of the internet is Deep web?

This answer to this question can change your point of thinking towards the internet. What if I tell you that the surface web that we browse in our daily life is just 1% of the actual web.

Crazy, isn’t it?

This is true that social media, blogs, websites that we access in our daily life in seek of entertainment or knowledge is just 1% of the actual internet.

The Darknet Is 500 Times bigger than the surface web. 99% of the internet is Deep web. This sounds to be weird but it is a true fact.

Deep web is mostly surfed by hackers, criminals, journalists, and drug addicts. You must be wondering that What makes Deep web so big?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Deep web is the negative side of the internet. Dark web also comes under Deep web where all the illegal activities are done. These illegal activities includes Selling of drugs, ammo, credit cards and hiring of hitmen, thieves and hackers. Human body experiments are also done on Deep web.

Deep web is the most sensitive part of the internet. One wrong click while browsing the Deep web can ruin your life. You can’t search anything on the Deep web. You should be having the link or access to visit any website on the Deep web.

The Deep web is so big that Millions of users browse it everyday and nearly transactions worth $500,000 are done on the Deep web. This is a huge number but considering that Deep web is 99% of the internet, it is not a big number.

Now, you have got to know that the websites that you surf on the internet are just 1% of total internet. The remaining consists of Deep web and we recommend you to stay away from it as it can ruin your life.

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