Migrate to Canada, The Land of Prosperity

Among the leading countries of the world, one must count Canada as it has developed in all the spheres of the economy and hence known for offering the best living standards to the citizens. Not only from the viewpoint of tourism but also from the job and business viewpoint, it is a preferred destination for the citizens of various countries across the globe, and hence all those who are in search of better living or education or even job and business prefer to apply for the visa of this country.

Being a developed nation, it offers a wide range of visas that can help the applicants to see in which category of visa his profile fits and apply accordingly. The process for the application of the visa is also simple, and hence one can apply himself or hire a consultant who can help him.

Canada is the hub of the tourism industry. Canada ranks second on the list when its geographical variety is observed. Apart from its population, a number of tourists migrate to Canada every year to experience its beauty. The areas like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Whistler, Vancouver Island, Niagara Falls, British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, and the Canadian Rockies are mostly populated with tourists almost throughout the year. Apart from tourism, Canada provides huge scopes for education and employment which has increased the concentration of migrants in Canada.

What is visitor visa?

A visitor is someone who comes from another country to visit Canada. In such a case, visa visitor Canada individual needs to apply for a visa from the visa office showing certain causes of their visit. The individual needs to give the proof of their reason to visit Canada, be it work, education or tourism. According to the reason, the maximum date of the visa validity will be allotted. Visitor visas fall into the category of B1 while the tourist visas fall into the category of B2. Tourist visas can also combine the category of B1 and B2. In such cases, the reason of travel needs to be referred through an application for the satisfaction of the authority of Canada.

How can you get the visitor visa?

To earn the Canada immigration visitor visa, you need to apply for a Canada visa at your nearest passport office. After attending a few interview sessions, you can obtain the visa. However, there are two types of visa entries that are offered in Canada which are single entry and multiple entries. The single entry visa is provided before a period of six months from the travel date while the multiple entry visas can provide you the maximum time limit of ten years.

Along with the visitors’ visa, the individual also needs to provide photograph and fingerprints. These residents cannot enter the country without meeting these following steps mentioned above. The visa requires renewal after a certain period otherwise it will lapse and the individual will not be able to access the visa during their time of departure and will have to contact the authority.


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