Marketing Strategies That You Can Expect From Bulk SMS

If you have not thought of availing the benefits of free message API, it is high time you take a plunge. It is the future of marketing and most organizations are making a beeline towards it. In availing SMS API free India there are numerous benefits to consider.

Instant deliverability

Lighting fast, the messages reaches out to the sender in a matter of seconds when you press send button. An average downturn time from a sender to a receiver is a mere 7 seconds. But the other marketing strategies are also fast, but you can compare nothing to the swiftness of a SMS.

Flexible platform

You can send out messages to a targeted group or reach out to hundreds of people at a single go. A great SMS campaign allows you to send messages as per the needs of a customer. With SMS it caters to what the needs of your business are. It is also possible to integrate SMS with other marketing strategies.

Instant opting in and opting out possible

With the advent of short codes instant drop in and drop out is possible via the mode of instant SMS. It all boils down to the single word instant. In sending out a SMS there is hardly any need for any form of personal information. It is also simple if you are looking to opt in as well. With simplicity the satisfaction levels of the customers are on the higher side.

High response rate

In comparison to other forms of marketing SMS marketing does have a higher open rate. Each and every SMS that you are going to send is read whereas in case of Email marketing the message could very well make a way into the junk folder. The moment a subscriber hears a buzz from their mobile phones their initial reaction is to take a look whereas in case of emails it is not the case. The discretion lies on you whether you want to open the message or not.

Conversion rate is on the higher side

In case of SMS there is a higher rate of customer action. Whatever be the type of marketing method there is a definite high degree of action when it deals with bulk SMS.


Unlike an email with SMS they do not have to fight with an email filter. If anything it works out to be a direct form of communication with your intended customer base. You are not likely to come across any barriers.

Short messages

It does pose a significant challenge for most business houses; with a 160 character for a message it does prove to be a major boon. Your users do not have to log in to view the content with SMS you are going to avail relevant content that would not be unnecessary in any manner. If there are short codes the mode of communication becomes a lot easy. A cool aspect is associated via sending messages out by SMS.

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